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5 Ways To Cultivate Your Own Success

As we are well on the way into the 4th quarter of the year, I have always said I like my goals to be set in September. I just do not feel January is a realistic time to say you are going to do this, that and the other. Its a tough month after the… Continue reading 5 Ways To Cultivate Your Own Success

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5 Podcasts that Inspire A Positive Mindset

If you’re lacking in the motivation department (as many of us are!) and need a serious boost of inspiration, why not try listening to a podcast? These podcasts cover a range of topics from happiness, to productivity, forming new habits, and financial success. Who doesn't need a little motivation in their life right now? The… Continue reading 5 Podcasts that Inspire A Positive Mindset

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46 Ways To Spend Your Time Alone

At present quite a few of us are in the same boat in terms of the fact that we are out of routine at home. This may be due to a number of different reasons for example perhaps you are furloughed from work, maybe your children are back into full time education or just started… Continue reading 46 Ways To Spend Your Time Alone

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Easy Prep Lunchbox Ideas for School

Now that school is back one of the biggest burdens is making a packed lunch that children can and will eat. Most of the time parents find that children ask for the same lunch everyday and while they do not tire of it, it would prove beneficial to try and squeeze in as many of… Continue reading Easy Prep Lunchbox Ideas for School

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10 Ways To Get Set For Nursery School

When the times comes for little ones to go to nursery school it can seem daunting for both the parents and the child. This can be a totally new experience for the family unit or perhaps some are doing it for the second or third time so they feel like pros, but for the bulk… Continue reading 10 Ways To Get Set For Nursery School

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The Freelance Life

Hello, anybody there? *Crickets* Ok well let me explain where I have been and what I have been up to. My New VentureI had been exploring starting my own freelance business as a content writer ‘on the side’ of what is my day to day job. I absolutely love to write, especially these blogs since… Continue reading The Freelance Life

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24 Mental Cleanse Ideas – The Quaratined Edition

During quaratine a lot of people focus on decluttering their home but it isn't just about your home, you must make time to declutter your mind also. This time is a crazy one and your mental health can really suffer with the feelings of uncertainty and your mind working overtime. Take this opportunity to move… Continue reading 24 Mental Cleanse Ideas – The Quaratined Edition

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Setting Goals in Lockdown

When the lockdown started a month ago nearly, I had set some goals that I wanted to achieve whilst at home before the time came to go back to work. It’s a funny old time but really, I’m viewing it as an amazing opportunity to be at home with my family. We will more than… Continue reading Setting Goals in Lockdown

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Six Ideas for a Fun Easter at Home

Easter is looking a little bit different this year. It falls on the same date of course, Sunday 12th April, but with physical and social distancing recommendations in place all the usual Easter outings and family gathering have been placed on hold. Here are six ideas for celebrating Easter at home and whilst still bringing… Continue reading Six Ideas for a Fun Easter at Home