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cultivating your own success and goals
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5 Ways To Cultivate Your Own Success

As we are well on the way into the 4th quarter of the year, I have always said I like my success goals to be set in September. I just do not feel January is a realistic time to say you are going to do this, that and the other. Its a tough month after the hype of December and lets be honest we are still eating left over Heroes or Roses and saying the diet starts in February.

That being said, how do you set goals and stay focused for success as we head towards the end of the year?


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Eight Great Apps For A Blogger

Its hard to even imagine a time when you didn’t have a mobile phone and not just for making phonecalls on it. When I needed a new iPhone I looked at the price and gasped a breath in but then I thought about how much I use the phone. The cost is about the equivalent as a weeklong holiday in Spain perhaps and that is over and done in seven days, I tend to keep my phone for years so on reflection its not a bad investment. That is how I am justifying it anyway!