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A Budget Friendly Guide to New York City

A Budget Friendly Guide to New York City | Henn at Home | Lifestyle Blog

New York City is home to thousands of restaurants, hundreds of museums, attractions, plays, and quirky things to do. You have to resign yourself to the fact that you can’t see the whole city in a matter of days, you may only see a fraction of the city whilst visiting. That is why planning is key. You don’t want to miss seeing the key attractions, eating in the best restaurants and of course, missing any vital photo opportunities.  

Why September is the new January
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Why September is the new January

It is time to forget new years resolution that you don’t even stick to anyway and use September as the month to kick start positive changes and new routines.

I know I am not alone in feeling like September is a fresh start. Maybe it is because of that ‘back to school’ mentality, but it feels like you are opening the first page of a pristine new notebook. A clean slate laden with possibility if you will.

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Life Before Technology

It’s hard to imagine life before the digital age. What if you had to get through a day without the help of the internet? What about going on a road trip without Google Maps? Or buying a gift without the use of Amazon? That all probably sounds nearly impossible these days.

In case you don’t remember life before technology took over and made everything “easier,” here’s a glimpse of how different the world was in the 20th century.