Easter is looking a little bit different this year. It falls on the same date of course, Sunday 12th April, but with physical and social distancing recommendations in place all the usual Easter outings and family gathering have been placed on hold. Here are six ideas for celebrating Easter at home and whilst still bringing the fun factor.

1. Do an alternative Easter egg hunt

Set the kids loose around the house after hiding some tiny eggs. You can even draw up a map or clues to help them find the eggs. Attach an action to the Easter egg like ‘Do a cartwheel’ or ‘Quack like a duck’ to make the hunt more enjoyable.

If you want to go on a larger Easter egg hunt, get in touch with your neighbours and get them to place an Easter egg drawing or something similar in their window so when the kids go out on an egg hunt in their street they can find the eggs displayed in the window.

2. Make the family Easter lunch special

If you normally have the family all round for a nice big gathering to celebrate then this year will be very different for you. Why not just make it fun for those in your house by getting dressed up and making a big deal out of the afternoon. If you have children get them to dress the table with decorations and the cutlery. They could even be the waiters/waitresses for the day, write down the menu or help make a dessert.

If you want to do something else fun then time your lunch with friends and have a zoom video call together whilst eating – its just like everyone is there but saves you doing all the catering!

3. Do some simple Easter Crafts/Games

You can cut bunny, egg and carrot shapes out of sturdy card stock and then glue on wooden lolly pop sticks and scatter these through your house or garden.

Create an Easter bunny trail on your pavement or driveway by drawing white bunny paw prints in white chalk and make the kids bunny hop from one to another and place a small prize as the end of the trail.

Have an Easter egg hunt relay by splitting the household into two teams. Send them in search of Easter eggs or clues around the house or street. Once they find one they must come back and tag the other person so its their turn to go and look.

4. Create a nature scavenger hunt

You can create a scavenger hunt by printing or drawing items on a page and get your family to find them in the house or garden. An example of a spring hunt would include daffodils, flower buds, insects, birds, a nest, a green leaf, a bumble bee and if you are lucky enough to spot one whilst out on a walk, maybe even a lamb.

5. Send Easter Cards to those who are vulnerable

Maybe you live near a Care home and the residents there can’t get out and about. Technology can sometimes to difficult to manage in these instances if the home does not have the facility to use laptops or tablets to FaceTime or Zoom families or friends. It would be a lovely idea to write a letter to those people or send a drawing in from your kids. It does not have to be to someone specific of course just seeing and hearing from someone new would be amazing for those vulnerable people. In some cases they might not have family that comes to visit them at all so this could really lift their spirits.

6. Establish a new Easter Tradition

Rather than focus on how the holiday is so different this year, use your time at home as an excuse to come up with a new tradition. Trying your hand at a baking project, maybe a showstopping Easter cake or Carrot cake cupcakes. Handmake a new centerpiece for the table. Make an Easter wreath for the front door from foliage you find whilst out on a walk. Finally introduce a new reading book or film with an Easter theme like the film “Hop” or the books “We’re Going On An Egg Hunt” by Laura Hughes or “Daisy and the Trouble with Chocolate” by Kes Gray and Nick Sharratt.

Hope everyone has a safe Easter at Home

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