About Me

Who Am I?

First thing is first thanks for stopping by my Blog! My name is Jillian and im from Northern Ireland. I’m a 30 (something) mum to two girls Olivia & Zanna. Wife to Christopher and a part time sports administrator but please note I’m more likely to be a  spectator of sports not actually playing it!

Some crazy facts about me include my strange obsession for all things Death Row and Prison related documentaries; overwhelming love for Ice cream and UFC fighting, on TV of course. My hatred of gherkins and also pigeons, I strongly believe they have an underlying agenda. Finally I am actual allergic to the sun…yes you read that right. I suffer from polymorphic light eruption! Lucky for me good old Northern Ireland doesn’t see that much sun so its not a massive problem!

What can you expect from me?

Family – I write from experience and there is plenty to keep me going with our daily adventures, days out and stories from parenthood both serious and light hearted.

Lifestyle – I like to write on a range of topics from travel to finance, home decor to my book club #hennathomebookclub if you want to join in! Creative writing to rambles that come into my head whilst awake at 3am. The topic list is endless.

Content Creation – I love to share the ideas behind my blog, why I started, apps I recommend and how i come up with my ideas. A lot of people charge for this or run online courses but im more than happy to share so if you have any questions let me know!

Where can you follow me?

I usually spend my time hanging out on Instagram. You can find me here.

I also have a Facebook page. You can find me here.

I love falling down a rabbit hole on Pinterest. You can find me here.

I love keeping up to date with business and marketing news so you can find me over on Linkedin here.

Drop by and say Hello!



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