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It is lovely to have you stop by!

I am Jillian Henning, Northern Ireland lifestyle blogger and founder of Written By Jillian Henning, wife to Christopher and lucky mum to Olivia and Zanna.  

I am guessing you want to know the real me:

  • My Favourite TV series is “This is Us” – I dare you to find a bad episode, there are none!
  • I’ve a strange obsession for prison related documentaries especially about Death Row.
  • I have an overwhelming love for Ice cream – I would say it is a borderline addiction.
  • I love 90s hip hop music.
  • I have a total hatred of gherkins and pigeons.
  • My favourite cities are New York and Chicago – If you have been let me know!
  • I am actually allergic to the sun…yes you read that right. I suffer from polymorphic light eruption. Luckily for me good old Northern Ireland doesn’t see that much sun so it’s not a massive problem!

What can you expect from me?

Family – I write from experience and there is plenty to keep me going with our daily adventures, days out and stories from parenthood both serious and light hearted.

Lifestyle – I like to write on a range of topics from travel to finance, to my home style and my love of reading and, of course I love a good discussion on the current trends of social media! The topic list is endless.

Content Creation – I love to share the ideas behind my blog, why I started, apps I recommend and how I come up with my ideas. If this is your thing be sure to follow my content Instagram for daily tips. 


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