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46 Ways To Spend Your Time Alone

Ways to spend your time alone

At present quite a few of us are in the same boat in terms of the fact that we are out of routine at home. This may be due to a number of different reasons for example perhaps you are furloughed from work, maybe your children are back into full time education or just started nursery school; getting back into a routine can be challenging and if like me, you are not used to being at home by yourself what the heck do you do for those hours by yourself?


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The Start Of The New Normal


The last week has been a learning curve for everyone in the family. Not only is Olivia now doing schoolwork from home, but Chris and I are just trying to find our own flow in the house with a three-year-old thrown into the mix! It has been an adjustment that for sure, but I have been pleasantly surprised as its been quite enjoyable…although ask me that again in a few weeks!


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Hurry up but slow down

I’m hoping this doesn’t just sound like one big rant and hopefully someone out there can sympathize with me…please…anyone…let me explain.

When I wake up in the morning my first thought is always the same, I have xx amount of minutes to have a shower and then Olivia will be up. Once I jump in the shower it is usually just a few minutes until her little face is pressed up against the glass “Mummy, Mummy did I have a big sleep?” ” Yes Olivia now hurry up and go to the toilet so we can get ready for school.”



Gummee Molar Mallet

Now Zanna is one her back molars are coming through and boy are they huge! There is currently two trying to pop through those wee gums one on each side and she has two rosy little red cheeks constantly. Red cheeks and two sore hands that she keeps sucking constantly to easy the pain. (more…)

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Product Review: Olivia

After the week from hell, well that’s a bit extreme but at times it felt that way with Zanna being so poorly, I collected Olivia from nursery on Monday and there was a brown letter in her drawer where they put her belongings, artwork etc. I thought this looked interesting and when I got home and opened it there was information on a health visitor check up but this takes place in the form of a questionnaire and an observation appointment within the nursery environment. Chris was infuriated as the questionnaire was entitled “48 month review”. One of his biggest pet peeves as a parent is saying your child’s age in months. He is absolutely hilarious with his rants about it.  “Just say 4 years old!!” :):)


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Seven weeks in

Today is officially Zannas seven week birthday and goodness has it been a wild ride juggling two children. A lot of other parents did tell me the leap from one to two is giant and they were definitely right. Having two children is like trying to get five organised at once, time consuming and constantly having to  think ahead.


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A mum who enjoys work…NEVER?!

I have read numerous blogs and posts lately about ladies that are due around the same time as me that are bursting to be off on maternity leave and are done with work and ready to put their feet up. While I do feel like this at times and I am definitely ready to put my feet up I am actually going to miss my 3 days in work. Simply put I skip into work on a Tuesday. It’s not because I cant wait to get rid of my daughter although you may think this after my last post about Olivia (read here) 🙂 I actually enjoy my job and the people who I work with. The adult conversation can be a lifesaver at times.