I have read numerous blogs and posts lately about ladies that are due around the same time as me that are bursting to be off on maternity leave and are done with work and ready to put their feet up. While I do feel like this at times and I am definitely ready to put my feet up I am actually going to miss my 3 days in work. Simply put I skip into work on a Tuesday. It’s not because I cant wait to get rid of my daughter although you may think this after my last post about Olivia (read here) 🙂 I actually enjoy my job and the people who I work with. The adult conversation can be a lifesaver at times.

I do have the mummy guilt sometimes when I leave Olivia but then she throws that back in my face when she cries because she’s not going to her child minder on a Saturday morning to see her friends which I can only take as a good sign! She also loves her Tuesdays as that is quality daddy daughter time with Chris when he is off work. There is never a dull  moment on a Tuesday as you could imagine..who wouldn’t want a bouncy castle in the middle of the living room while mummy is at work?!!

In four weeks time I will be going off on Maternity leave until September 2017 possibility. Whilst im looking forward to it I am also dreading it. That sounds awful to say as a mum I know but anything else I would be telling you would be a lie. The first few months when Olivia arrived I found maternity to be extremely slow. In truth babies don’t do much at the start and aside from catching up on sleep I was bored. I joined my local Sure Start and that was my saviour. I met loads of new mums and attended lots of classes with Olivia which really helped me get out and about. It can be strange when you first have a baby; Sometimes friends just don’t want to talk about the colour of poo and baby sick so its like being back at school and having to make new mummy friends which I actually quite enjoyed. It brought about a new social scene for me and I have made great friends from it and we regularly enjoy a mummy night out.. processco included of course 🙂

I have the best of both worlds I believe after applying for flexible working and this seems to work for us as a family at the minute. Three days of work and four full days of Olivia. I feel she has the best of both worlds too with the time spent one on one with Daddy and the company she has at her child minders.


Some people seem surprised with my honesty but that is all I can be. In fact, listed below are some of the hallelujah moments that I experience by attending work 3 days a week–

  1. I get to eat my lunch at a normal speed without a toddler trying to steal items off my plate.
  2. I can drink a cup of tea when its hot and remains hot – again drinking at a normal speed.
  3. I can go to the bathroom when I actually need to by MYSELF without a 2.5 year old staring at me giving me a play by-play of what is happening.
  4. I don’t have to clock watch for snack times, lunch time, dinner time or nap time just home time.
  5. If there is a tantrum happening that morning that I am due to go to work that is quickly someone elses problem as a swan on out the door waving “see you later guys” – It’s usually poor Chris left to deal with it.
  6. Adult conversation can actually take place. No singing nursery rhymes, telling stories, Peppa Pig, Bing etc just normal day to day chit chat.
  7. On my lunch break I can catch up on trashy TV via the ITV hub, channel 4 on demand etc..now nap times are non existant in my house so is the opportunity to watch anything.
  8. Working with people younger than me keep hip, down with the kids and up to date on currently popular culture affairs…as does the daily mail online during my lunch hour.
  9. Coming to work can actually be a good break from the routine at home. It is nearly like “me time” and gives me something else to keep my mind activate aside from the craziness at home.
  10. Finally, being at work means I can put off the house work off for another 8 hours!! On the flip side my husband does way more to help out because we are both working. Incase you missed me celebrating how great Chris is please do recap it here..he is one in a million 🙂

Surely I cant be the only one who enjoys a working day…back me up mums please!

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