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Over for another year

Can you even believe it is January again? Christmas was all rush rush rush then over in a heartbeat. I literally felt like we had just put the tree up and then we were trailing it through the house pine needles everywhere to tip it out in the back garden! The living room is now tidy, empty looking but tidy nonetheless. All except for the Toys R Us section in the corner that Olivia has dominated from Christmas day…thank god for bay windows!!



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Its beginning to look alot like Christmas

How has December been going for you? Pants…thats how mine has been! I started off the first week of December confined to my spare room dying of the flu; not just a bad cold I mean full-blown FLU! I had to take the week off work and just to paint the picture for you….I was even too ill to watch This Morning or Jeremy Kyle…I mean thing.were.bad 🙁


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The Finale…

So it’s finally here..good old December. Where have the last 11 months gone?! Like a whirlwind here we are preparing for all the festivities that December brings.

If your December is anything like ours its a month of us waiting in a chaotic queue at Tescos every weekend; why do people panic buy bread and milk? The shop closes for 24 hours it’s hardly a drama! Anyhoo its mad queues everywhere, lots of gift wrapping, decorating then moving the decorations then moving them back (and repeat), festive drinks, roaring fires, bad jokes, christmas movies and lots and lots of chocolate. It’s common practice to have a selection box for breakfast on Christmas morning, infact its frowned upon if you don’t 🙂