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Packing away memories

I don’t know how all the other parents out there feel when it comes time to pack away baby clothes but it absolutely breaks my heart especially packing away all the clothes of the summer, in my eyes, this is when our daughter really became a little person.

Until Olivia could walk properly she was just a little baby to us, not all that independent but now you couldn’t take your eyes off her and she’s into everything but that’s makes her who she is…. a wee mini human who we love beyond belief.

We have literally kept everything she has ever worn as each outfit feels so sentimental to us. Each outfit represents a memory of her doing, saying or achieving something so how could I throw it away..pasta sauce stains and everything?! *sobs



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Daddy Cool

I recently read a post from Brummymummy on how dads rock especially when on holidays. Chris and I had such a laugh reading the blog as we could totally relate to everything that was said from our holiday adventures back in May.  Infact ive read it several times, just click the name to check it out its such a good read; as is the whole blog.

This post got me thinking about a conversation I had with Chris a few weeks ago when he started reading all the posts I have done thus far on here and then claims he is hardly mentioned. This makes me really annoyed because he is literally THEE best dad ever to Olivia and does so much with her so im going to dedicate a whole post solely to him…you are welcome Christopher 🙂


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Hello world!

The first blog is always the most tricky isnt it?! so ill set the scene..

My name is Jillian. I’m a first time mum to our daughter Olivia who is nearly 18 months (sob…where did the time go ) Based in Northern Ireland and ive been married for 5 years to my delicious husband, if you were to ask him, it definitely feels like a lot longer at times 🙂