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March Madness

As soon as the 1st March rolled around my stress levels went into overdrive! I knew the busiest month of the year had rolled around for us in terms of birthday parties (we had 3 to go to) our anniversary (6 whole years woohoo!) milestone birthdays (my dads 60th and 2 friends 30ths) and our little daughter Olivias 2nd birthday, mothers day and my father in laws birthday to round the month off. And Breathe. Busy might not cover it infact maybe totally manic might be better 🙂


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Turning Two at the Zoo

After the events of last year celebrating Olivia’s 1st birthday, Chris and I decided to do something fun this year for her so that just the three of us could celebrate on the day. After going back and forth on ideas we eventually decided to go to Dublin overnight and visit Dublin Zoo on her actual birthday. For anyone who lives here in Northern Ireland/Ireland im sure you can appreciate that the weather can be hit or miss at the best of times let alone an outing in March but we thought lets just go for it and keep our fingers crossed. Thanks fully we weren’t disappointed 🙂