Happy Christmas Everyone!!

I have been thinking a lot recently about how you know its Christmas or Christmas traditions that we have in our household/family so here is a brief list

  • The Christmas mugs make their annual appearance. The rule is that you can only drink from these cups in December any other time of year is forbidden!

  • Christmas movies start. There are a few must haves in our house and these include National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, scrooged, The Holiday, Home Alone and of course the best Christmas film ever apparently Die Hard!

  • The annual Christmas tree is selected and according to my dear husband the biggest tree is the best tree. EVERY SINGLE YEAR the tree gets bigger. Even this year we have had to get the hedge cutters out to trim it so it would fit into the corner of the living room.

  • Christmas songs are sung daily to the point where you can’t even stand them anymore especially with Olivia’s high-pitched voice at 7.30am. We also get to learn a few new ones every year through Olivia’s school nativities. This year the biggest hit has been “Christmas counts for everyone” and never has a truer word been spoken.

  • Numerous Santa visits. I must say this year has been hectic for Santa visits without even meaning for them to be. By the fifth Santa we came across Olivia even said to me ” I don’t need to tell him what I want I have already told him a million times” Yikes!  We did visit a great Santa at The Boulevard and that was the one that stood out from the rest for the girls by far. This is where they posted their letters and felt really special so this will definitely be on our list for next year.

  • The anticipated return of family from across the pond.  For me this is the biggest Christmas tradition. It isn’t Christmas until my sister in law comes home from London and now my cousin is based over in England so the same goes for her. Until those flights touch down on Northern Ireland soil Christmas cant official begin at home. This year has been abit different for us as my sister in law is spending Christmas in New Zealand with her partner and his family this year so she will be sorely missed. We are just so thankful she got to come home mid December for the weekend so we got to celebrate a mini Christmas before she left on her big trip. Next year will be even more emotional as Stephanie is relocating to New Zealand in the summer for a year and while we are beyond excited for this opportunity Christmas (and all family occasions) just wont be the same. Thanks to the power of modern technology now though she wont miss out on a thing and we will make sure of that. We will be air freighting her annual quota of brussel sprouts right over to her 🙂

  • Christmas food traditions begin. In our house there are certain things expected at Christmas food wise and they are as follows – My mother in law makes thee best (FACT) pate and she makes it by the tonne and rightly so. When I was pregnant over Christmas with Olivia this is what i missed the most. Then again when I had Zanna my in laws where in Australia and it was premade and the first thing I had when I got home from the hospital! The second thing my husband requests is sausage meat stuffing. This is a tradition from his own home and growing up so its  special treat for him on Christmas day made for him by his mum – She is one busy lady in the kitchen! Christopher and Stephanie also have  a tradition together as previously mentioned that they have to eat their annual quota of brussel sprouts on Christmas day and you cant get out of it, it must be done and witnesses there to verify it! There is also the standard sweets that are required and always a healthy debate over which is the best Heros vs Celebrations or Roses vs Quality Street. The winners in our house are usually Heros and Roses but no Christmas is complete without a Toblerone as it reminds me of my grandfather at this time of year. Oh and who can forget the copious amounts of turkey and stuffing sandwiches that are consumed the week after boxing day. So good at the start but my goodness its never ending.

  • The Elf. EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. The less said about that the better- why did we start it??! To be fair Olivia and Zanna love it so yes it is worth it but coming up with the ideas can be tiresome. Ben Elf as he is known now disappears on 24th December and leave a Christmas Eve box full of treats for the girls to help put the day in. Even the excitement for the box is unreal and a great build up for Christmas Day.

Its great being able to create all these memories with family and friends but this year in particular has been an eye opener in many ways of what is really truly important. We have had a very dear friend go through a very serious medical issue and another friend dealing with very bad mental health issues. An amazing couple who will be spending Christmas with their darling 6 week old baby girl in hospital as she is fighting literally for her life and one of my best friends spending Christmas for the first time this year without both her parents around to share in the festivities. Being made redundant this year is absolutely nothing compared to this. We are so blessed to have what we have, know who we know  and plan on making 2019 an ever bigger year not regretting what we haven’t done but making plans to do even more together.

I hope you have had a fun month and year creating memories with your loved ones and enjoying traditions that will last a life time. Merry Christmas and happy new year from our house to yours.



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