Villa in the French Riviera

Two weeks ago we travelled to the South of France to celebrate my mother in laws special birthday. The number will remain anonymous of course…but ask anyone in Villefranche Sur Mer and they will tell you as Olivia did happen to mention to everyone and their dog (literally) what age Granny was on that faithful occasion!

We travelled on a Friday evening out of Dublin which seemed like a good idea at the time but after a long day and over an hour in the car to get to the airport the kids where definitely tired before we had even boarded the plane. Thankfully its only a short 2.5 hour flight which was our saving grace as Zanna certainly wasn’t a fan of the “fasten your seatbelt” sign that’s for sure!

On arrival into Nice airport we quickly got our luggage and thankfully we had booked a car service who was waiting patiently on us and 15 minutes later we arrived at our Villa, Villa Vuyani.

Yes Villa…que lots of excitement! Especially when my in laws, all of them, my sister in law had flown in from London, where waiting to greet us at the front door with wine, cheese, ham and bread. The French stable diet of course!

The house was amazing. AMAZING. When I seen photos of it I was reluctant to think it could actually look that good but it was definitely even better in real life. With five bedrooms and the ability to sleep ten people we had plenty of space to all have our own rooms. My sister in law even had her own annex with a living room, a small kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom.

The outside was beautiful and very French with all the flowers surrounding the villa and the back garden was great for the kids to play and the patio was gorgeous in the morning for breakfast and even better at night when we were able to sit out until midnight in the heat.

The villa was based in  Antibes  which is a beautiful place to stay. Not only is it located close to the airport but there are lovely shops and restaurants in the main town and a great buzz about the place.


On Sunday, my mother in laws birthday, we got the train from the station in Antibes into Villefranche Sur Mer which was about 40 minutes away and the minute we stepped off the train it was stunning. I have seen plenty of pictures of the area as my uncle had stayed there and I also always love all the photos that Emma over at Amble and Ash shares when she goes with her family to stay at her parents apartment there.

After contacting Emma to let her know our plans for the day she very kindly recommended a great place to eat that served generous portions and a delicious ice cream shop that the kids would love…and the adults! The kinder ice cream did not disappoint that’s for sure.

Even though we where only there for four days it was just the best. We enjoyed barbeques, plenty of pool time, taking in the gorgeous scenery of the south coast and just relaxing and enjoying time spent together. It was the much needed break that we all deserved but I’ve already warned Chris that now we have stayed in such a wonderful villa that the bar is set high for our next time abroad and while we might not need 5 bedrooms we definitely need that pool view and patio for breakfast.

For more pictures of the fabulous Villa we stayed in follow this link at

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