Now that we have Zanna in a good slept routine, hope I haven’t spoken to soon, we are able to have the majority of the evenings to ourselves. By 7pm at the latest Zanna is out for the count and we are so lucky because¬†Olivia has always been a brilliant sleeper and goes to bed between 7-7.30pm and pretty much straight to sleep…unless she knows Granny is downstairs then likes to try her luck ūüôā

My evening was spent running around doing the cleaning, washing, general tidy up sort of jobs but now being off on maternity I usually get these done through the day depending on the cooperation of the toddler so we can relax together once the little ones are asleep.  Chris and I love getting into a good series on TV and we have watched several together over the years but then like most things babies come along and the TV gets lost in the background because you are doing a million other things but we are slowly getting back into the way of it. Just recently we really enjoyed The Missing on BBC1, Blue Eyed Boy on ITV and we are in the throws of watching Line of Duty on Netflix at the minute.

I thought I would do a little round up of some of the shows I have¬†enjoyed watching recently by myself¬†in the hope that you might share what you have been watching so I have my next batch of recommendations at the ready;¬†so here goes…

The French Riviera plays backdrop to this thrilling drama starring Julia Stiles with lots of twists and turns unfolding as she discovers hidden secrets about her marriage and her husband following his mysterious death an a yacht.¬†As soon as I seen this advertised I knew I would love it with the scenery, the fast cars and all the fashion and whilst the reviews online of it were not great I thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact so much so I watched all 10 episodes in 4 days…thanks Sky for your on demand feature and thanks¬†Zanna for those¬†6am wake up calls ūüôā

When Orange is the new black started on Netflix I was late to the party. I didn’t start watching it until nearly everyone had stopped talking about it. I discovered it when off on maternity with Olivia and after the first 3 episodes I was binge watching it every time she napped so maybe once or even twice a day. The housework went out the window! The series is about a girl who¬†gets sent to an all woman’s prison in upstate¬†New York and all the goings on that happens within the prison amongst several different characters.¬†When the first series ended I was bursting to watch the second and that is the joy of it being released on Netflix as I could start the next series straight away.¬† Some of the seasons were not as good as¬†others but¬†I have still enjoyed watching it all the same and im currently in the middle of the season 5. Season 6 isn’t out until June 2018 so im pacing myself.

This is a strange one because I absolutely love programmes about the American prison system and anything inmate related including films set in prison. I loved the Trevor McDonald documentaries about women inmates and death row prisoners and also the Louis Theroux documentaries on prison life. Sometimes they can seem a bit repetitive but I am still hooked on them and this one is no different. The show itself isn’t fantastic because im not a Piers Morgan fan but the stories behind the woman are fascinating especially as one of the killers interviewed was¬†a 15 year old girl¬†which is just crazy! Maybe my next show to watch should be Prison¬†Break. I started it when it was first aired but then the writer’s strike in America¬†happened and it stopped for months and I never got into it again…now there is a possibility..

This post also got me thinking about my favourite shows over the years and while some of them are well known for example the likes of Friends, Sex and the City or Will & Grace I do love a good reality show in Keeping up with the Kardashians and the Real Housewives of Orange County and New Jersey. Chris always makes fun of me because when I was younger I use to watch The Golden Girls which if you have never seen it is about four senior citizens who live together once their husbands have died and get up to all sorts of adventures along the way. It stars Betty White and she is a living TV Legend! I can still sing the theme tune no problem :):)

Through into my teenage years I love Roseanne, My two dads, The fresh prince of Bel-Air, Hanging with Mr Cooper, Home improvements, Blossom all the shows on Channel four at 6pm and not forgetting the epic Australian drama series Heartbreak High on BBC2.

My all time favourite show which I still have on DVD but haven’t watched in years is “My so called Life” with Claire Danes and Jared Leto.

The show is based around a 15 year old girl and shows the highs and lows of teenage life at school, in society and at home. The series ended with a cliff hanger ready for series two but it never came as the show was never renewed. There was numerous campaigns to get the show picked up again, online petitions and letters to the broadcasting network but to no avail. There is a book that follows as a sequel but I cannot bring myself to read it incase it ruins the show for me!

Chris is going away for a few days shortly and my plan is to get the girls to bed and im going to start watching Girl Boss on Netflix as I watched the trailer last week and it looks like my kind of show. If you have watched it already let me know what you thought of it..

I’ve listed a few TV shows that Chris and I have enjoyed watching together if you ever have any time to watch them I would recommend just some of the ones below-

  • Catastrophe –¬†Channel 4
  • Sons of Anarchy – Netflix
  • The Sopranos – We have the boxset
  • Blue Bloods – Sky Atlantic
  • Boardwalk Empire – Sky Altantic
  • Brooklyn 99 – E4
  • Modern Family – Sky One

Hopefully the housework wont suffer if you get hooked on any of these…don’t blame me ūüôā


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  1. Great post you’ve certainly mentioned some great shows! My TV Addiction has definitely meant the household chores get left thank god for lovely mum who comes round to do it!!

    1. Housework just gets in the way doesnt it?! ūüôā

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