With September merely hours away this got me thinking about all the different transitions that our family will face in the next few weeks.

The Nursery Transition

Olivia started her settling in period at nursery today and is being phased in week by week. Children’s lives today are so much more hectic than ever before and transitions are milestone events that I think sometimes parents don’t really think about. Its one thing to think about yourself and how you feel about them going off to nursery but I have come to realise that sometimes the adjustment for the child can be a lot too especially if they don’t recognise a familiar face or surroundings. Olivia’s nursery provided a booklet with lots of pictures of the school, teachers, rooms etc so we could talk to her about all of it which we found really useful to reference back to in the lead up to today. We also took her round to see her nursery several times over the summer and she was able to point it out every time we would drive by it in the car.

Everyone had said to  me that Olivia will breeze into nursery and make her mark right away. She did just this. When I asked her early if she wanted me to stay with her for a while the answer was a sharp “No mummy im too busy with my new friends” so that was me told. Her teacher also told me that at the play and stay she attended last week she came across as a very confident child which I was really pleased about. I came home and shed a few tears at her response to me not because I was sad she wanted me to leave but extremely proud at her sense of independence. However an hour later when I went to pick her up she had just started crying and I couldn’t understand why. It was then she told me that she needed to go to the toilet but didn’t know who to ask or where it was as I wasn’t there to tell her. She was also roasting hot in her nursery uniform which she wasn’t quite use to. I have fingers crossed that tomorrow she will still want to go back despite the tears as she had so much fun; but it was this fun factor that I was preoccupied with like making friends, playing in groups, experiencing new beginnings that I forgot to explain the really simple things to her like to ask her teacher where the toilet is and say when she needs to go.If shes too hot take off her jumper or ask for help to do this. Turns out everyone is learning lessons today I guess. #todderlifelessons

The Child Minder Transition

Zanna is off to her child minder this month for both a settling in period and then regularly attending 2 days a week.  When it was Olivias turn for this transition I really did struggle to let go. I don’t seem to have these same worries with Zanna just yet really because I know how well Olivia settled in with the same child minder and they will be together. Again, this is me making the assumption and I have to remember that  Zanna is a totally different child to Olivia. I have to keep reminding myself of this. When Olivia was Zanna age she was a very active baby hitting all her milestones much earlier than expected. Zanna hasn’t even rolled over yet at 8 months…well she did once but it was an accident 🙂 she much prefers just sitting there watching the world go by.  Yes she is trying to roll and occasionally bum shuffle but she is much more content having a wee snuggle in your arms or you holding her up in a standing position. She’s very laid back and more content whereas Olivia was and still is a live wire. Just chalk and cheese but that’s how we like it. Hopefully this wont impact her when settling in as it would throw me a bit when returning to work if she appeared to struggle. #babyproblems

The Dad Transition

There will be a new Tuesday transition for Chris when I go back to work. He will be on the nursery run and have Zanna all to himself until collecting Olivia at lunchtime. This will be a big change for him. I have been at home for 10 months and  previously it was only him and Olivia in the pre Zanna days so this will change the dynamic of his day off. There is a baby class he plans on attending until nursery is over then he will have two kids to juggle and there is no better man for the job. I can breeze out the door and don’t have to think about a thing as he is literally super dad and his biggest strong point is that he is a toddler fashionista. The outfits are always matching and on trend!  #dadlife

The Work Transition

In two weeks time I am back to work. I’m not as worried about it as I was when I previously returned 2 years ago, you can read about it here. I think it’s because this time I am going back 3 days a week and I only need childcare for 2 of those days so the financial constants aren’t too bad. I also get more time with the girls on my days off and especially one on one time with Zanna while Olivia is at nursery. I think the second child can sometimes get overlooked when it comes to attending baby classes etc because you had all the time in the world with your first but when it comes to your second you have to find stuff you can do with 2 children and that’s difficult. I believe I am a fairly organised person but getting myself and two kids up, dressed, feed and ready to be out the door for 8am will be a challenge and one that might take me a few goes to master…watch this space! #workingmumlife

The London Transition

I have mentioned in several of my blogs before that my sister-in-law lives and teaches in London. We have seen her loads over the summer holidays and Olivia finally understands that auntie Stephanie has to get on an airplane to come and visit us and to go home again. Back in July when school was officially out for summer we explained to Olivia that auntie Stephanie was coming home but for a bit longer this time. In the lead up to this she ask daily at bedtime if tomorrow was the day she would be home or how many sleeps where left until this happened so you can only imagine the excitement when the day finally arrived. Before each visit it is like Christmas eve in this house and it’s just the best feeling. She absolutely adores her Auntie. Now the time has come for the school term to start again so Stephanie has to head back to London this weekend. I told Olivia this tonight and her response was straight to the point, it was a resounding NO. She even went as far to say that the batteries were not working on the plane so Auntie Stephanie would have to stay. I think its safe to say this transition of not seeing Stephanie in person might be a tough one…thank goodness for Face Time! #bestauntever

The Moving Away Transition

This transition period is a little more personal to me. My Little cousin, who is in her twenties I might add, but always my little cousin (!!) is relocating for work. Claire graduated from university in July and her chosen career is taking her across the water from this little Island for the next year at least. while it’s not exactly abroad this will be a big change for our small family. Nobody can ever quite believe that I only have one first cousin and I love it and I love her enormously. Claire is the sort of person who always sees the bright side of life, is kind beyond measure, has an upbeat personally, is very outgoing, can talk to anyone about anything and always has a great sense of adventure. Through out her university days she spent most summers abroad and/or getting involved in different organisations and events. Her sense of achievements both academically and through out life has exceed all expectations and I am beyond proud of her. Olivia and Zanna love her dearly and she is the perfect role model for them. Months ago when she received the job offer Claire wasn’t quite 100% convinced moving away was for her but after assessing the situation more carefully she has taken this opportunity and seized it with both hands, again just proving she can take on any challenge, put a positive spin on it and make the most out of anything life throws at her…..plus she told me right before she left there is a B&M Bargains right next to her house which she is wildly excited about!! :):) It will be strange getting together with the family and Claire not there. It will be strange FaceTiming her and not seeing her in person so much and it will be strange waiting to see when she is next coming home. I already know that I will have that same feeling Olivia does when Auntie Stephanie is on her way, a feeling of pure excitement just like Christmas eve!  #proudcousinalert


September is going to be a big month for alot of people I know. I hope its a positive one for you too.


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