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Every Drop Helps

I am not really a big drinker in terms of alcohol especially now I can’t afford to have a hangover and a 19 month old, the combination just doesn’t work, gone are the days you could spend all day Sunday snoozing on the sofa watching stupid movies on Channel 5. Even when I was pregnant I didn’t really miss it, well maybe at Christmas time when I had to then be everyones designated taxi driver! I was more daydreaming about medium cooked steak and my mother in-laws delicious pate that makes an appearance at Christmas…even now my mouth is watering at the thought of it :):)

My job involves working for a sports brand which not only gives me massive credibility with my husband (and friends) but has created a genuine interest in sports particularly Rugby. I’ve really enjoyed watching the rugby world cup and along side this I found a fabulous sparkling rose in Tesco which compliments the Saturday/Sunday early evening matches for only £3.50! This has since gone on the shopping list as “Mummy Juice”.