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Match Made Perfect

When I was off last week I managed to escape out for some ‘Jillian time’ leaving the Hubby and daughter at home. To be fair I said the words ‘Dunelm Mill’ and the look of horror on Christophers face spoke volumes. Off I went to exchange bedding at Dunelm and call into Boots on the way home. I was due to get some make up but decided I wanted to try something different and after reading bazillions of blogs about Boots No 7 range I wanted to go in and speak to someone on the counter and get some advice.

I’ve religiously been wearing Estee Lauder Double Wear Light as it hardly feels like im wearing any foundation at all which I like. I am not a big make up fan in that I don’t wear a lot even when going out but I think that’s partly down to just not knowing what I suited and also all the effort that goes into it all. I have never been bothered with all the time it takes. Now that I rarely get out…thats an absolute lie we are spoilt rotten with grandparents wanting Olivia 24/7..beyond lucky.. I feel like now I would like to make more of an effort. It helps hide the tired mummy eyes too 🙂 BONUS!


Home Lifestyle

Moving into Matalans Cottage

I was clearing out my purse recently and came across so many store cards that havent seen the light of day in years even a Makro card circa 2003 which ive never used. I found a Matalan store card in my maiden name and registered to my parents address when I had a thought; when was the last time I entered that store? where even is my local store? so i kept the card in order to investigate.

I fired up Google and search for Matalan online. My goodness was this the best idea ever…I haven’t seen homewear so gorgeous in such a long time! Sometimes though when you look online it can be hit or miss when you visit a store as to whether or not they actually have the merchandise but I was fortunate enough that my luck was in and everything I had seen online was available in my local store. Great for me not so great for the bank balance oops!