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Green Fingers

After researching every living tree possible I finally found one that I wanted for my front door step that I didn’t have to re- mortgage our house for. A topiary tree in B&Q was £70..WHAT?! for me to kill probably?? no no that’s ridiculous!

The front of my house is like a borefest (is that a word?!) anyhoo.. we live opposite a landscape gardener so as you can imagine we have to up our game. A bit like the Griswolds in ‘National lampoons christmas vacation’ but with trees/plants not christmas get the drift.  The minute our neighbour cuts the grass im throwing hints left right and centre for the Hubby to get the lawnmower out pronto.

Well we circled around the outdoor area of B&Q for ages finally picking out the nicest but cheapest plants to pot. My track record with the survival of these aren’t great so I decided to not spend big bucks until I see how this goes. We then went to a local garden centre to get some advice on the tree situation. I wish we had gone there first instead of B&Q as we got way more advice and everything was better value. Once the owner caught a glimpse of Olivia and her love of smelling the flowers on demand we got a create deal; just typical. I will definitely be going back there if this proves to be a success.