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A mum who enjoys work…NEVER?!

I have read numerous blogs and posts lately about ladies that are due around the same time as me that are bursting to be off on maternity leave and are done with work and ready to put their feet up. While I do feel like this at times and I am definitely ready to put my feet up I am actually going to miss my 3 days in work. Simply put I skip into work on a Tuesday. It’s not because I cant wait to get rid of my daughter although you may think this after my last post about Olivia (read here) 🙂 I actually enjoy my job and the people who I work with. The adult conversation can be a lifesaver at times.


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The best of both world

Picture the scene, December 2014, me standing in my kitchen sobbing my heart out! I had just left Olivia off at her childminders for a settling in period and I had howled the whole way home. So much so in fact that when I realised I had to go to Tesco before I collected her again I panicked as I of course knew this would be the time I would meet everyone I know and they would think I was a lunatic!

The funny thing about this was had you asked me at the 4 maybe 5 month mark of maternity did I want to go back to work I would have yelled” YES” before you had even finished the sentence. At that age babies aren’t up to much and quite frankly I was bored, not every day but days seemed to just roll into one at times. That’s just me.