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Holidays on the French Riviera

After much deliberation this year we finally decided on the South of France for our holidays. We started looking at different locations last year even before Zanna was born and we knew after last years holiday in Salou we didn’t want to do a package holiday. It just wasn’t for us this year. Maybe in a couple of years it will suit the girls better but at the minute Olivia just loves being outside running around so we knew we wanted a beach location and an apartment close at hand. That is exactly what we got when we booked Theoule Sur Mer.



Salou 2016

We are just back from a holiday in Salou and while the weather was to put it mildly..pants.. we still managed to have a great time. We just seemed to get extremely unlucky and when the plane touched down so did the rain and this continued on and off for pretty much 4 days straight. Not to be disheartened we still just ploughed on and got the shorts on..while on holiday and all 🙂