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Holiday Pics

I have been fortunate enough this week to be off work with my hubby and little one and what a great week it has been…here is a mini round up of events

  • Bushmills salmon and whiskey festival

We went to stay at our house up the north coast after work on Friday. On Saturday we were lucky enough to be blessed with sunshine so headed of into the village to enjoy the start of the festival weekend. There were lots of cute little market stalls and food stands selling whiskey related treats like sausages and fudge etc yum yum!


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Weather Permitting

This weekend was quite non eventful for us due to the rubbish weather. Its suppose to be summer so come on sunshine! I keep seeing on my Facebook timeline ‘heatwave coming in August’ then the next post is ‘worst weather in 20 years coming in August’ it just can’t make up its mind which really doesn’t suit me stuck indoors with a 17 month old toddler.

One of the worst* things about the weather (*sounds dramatic) is that I have all these summer clothes for Olivia that fit her now and if the sunshine doesn’t come back they will be useless!! I have had to step up the washing so I can get vests and long sleeve tops washed in time for the week ahead which is a downer as she has beautiful dresses im dying to get on her booooo rain…and as mentioned I have to do double the washing to keep up 🙁