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Auntie Adventures

I’ve spent the last few days enjoying quality time with my family and time off work. While its been the best 4 days boy had I nearly forgot how exhausting it is entertaining a 17 month old all day…I think I get a better break at work!! For 4 days straight ive been spinning around, jumping up and down, singing my heart out to every nursery rhyme ever created (plus actions) and without revealing TMI changing nappies into double figures daily with a teething baby (mums/dads you know what i mean #boke)

In between all this we have had a few adventures out and about. My few days off were timed well as my lovely sister-in-law was home from London visiting so it was great to spend time together and for Olivia to have all that quality Auntie time. We hit our favourite spot Scarva park while the sun was shining on friday.  Auntie ‘Deaf’ as she is known (its Stephanie but thats the best Olivia can manage bless her) received her own personal adventure stick from her darling niece to take back to London. As mentioned in my previous post this is an essential at the park so we had a good laugh when Olivia handed it to her.