Come the end of the month I always see a round-up on different blogs I follow of what people recommend and what they have been reading/baking/watching etc. I find these very interesting as not only do I think to myself ‘ohh that eyeshadow looks great’ but I also just can’t quite understand where these people actually get the time to do all these things in one whole month – talk about multitasking mummies; very impressive indeed im in awe!

This all got me thinking about the summer being over and what I had achieved from the list that I set myself after coming from holidays in May. In short the answer is…NOTHING.. I cant even find the written list. We got a new kitchen in while we were away and I think the list may have gone in the skip along with all my other dreams of an organised home, true fact!

My plan with this blog is to keep it real. There is no point just showing all the rainbows and butterflies. Every other person out there knows life isn’t always that way especially in a house with 2 full-time working parents and a toddler who decided she wants to play with everything at once. I think burgled houses may be more tidy at times, awful to say but true to a certain extent. I will even admit sometimes, justΒ  sometimes when Olivia goes to bed we don’t even tidy up her mess as she will only drag it all out again in the morning; does this make us bad parents?!

In light of all these wonderful blogs that have achieved so much in a month im going to own up to all that we havent achieved in three. Oh gosh here goes…

I’ve all the bedding and some accessories purchased for my master bedroom. these have been lying on my spare room floor from mid-may. the bedroom was sidelined by the new kitchen going in.


*I’m going to blame everything not getting done on the new kitchen just incase you missed the reoccurring theme throughout this post πŸ™‚

In the spare room ive been putting a picture above the bed since 2010 in our old house. This project is still pending as we have yet to buy a picture. Yes, i did try to make the bed quickly for this photo, try being the operative word.

spare room

This is the hidden spare bedroom number 4. One of the reasons we moved was to have somewhere to store all our extra stuff I just didn’t imagine it to be like this. We still havent fully unpacked from moving in last July! Please note is only one side corner of the room; trust me you don’t want to see the rest πŸ™

junk room

This is our dining room table which I have been clearing up since we got the kitchen in* we literally eat on the small clean area but its tight.

Yes that is a microwave still in the corner that is ready for the dump on a coffee table. one day this will look like a magnificent dining room in a magazine I just don’t know when that will be.

dining room

This is the semi dead plant in the kitchen ive been trying to keep alive. i looked online and it said to water it everyday. turns out googled lied. ive been drowning it. on the plus side the pot is really cute from Dunelm Mill πŸ™‚

dead flower

Finally this is my garage that my husband has been trying to clear out all summer. Again we did have the little issue of a new kitchen going in* but even so you can hardly move in it! From dead paint to wallpaper samples it is manic. In fact this picture was taken when it was “tidied” normally you can go in one door, get halfway down then realise you have to go out of the house and in through the main garage door – not great in the wet weather that’s for sure.


That’s it. That’s my list of things I never got the time to do. I can justify all this through. Its simple. we were busy being parents, enjoying our weekends and days off with Olivia. Taking her here there and everywhere and to be perfectly honest while we have constant heated debates about all the above we wouldn’t swap the time we share with our daughter for anything. The house can be a tip, well of course within reason. I’m sure there is every more rubbish coming to fill the spare room with as the years go on – infact nevermind the next few years it will probably be filled with presents from christmas this year I can imagine and that’s ok too. Its just real life. Its just our Life πŸ™‚

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  1. Love it Jillian! I’m currently blaming my lack of housework on the extension – sure there’s no point in cleaning with all that dust about! On a side now though – gorge new bedding etc for your bedroom! xx

    1. Its actually out of control Zoe – i had a picture of our back garden but im literally mortified to even show that one!! ive had the bedding that long i think im due to go off it soon! loved your post about James i cannot even believe he is one in six weeks tell him to stop growing!! xx

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