Christmas Traditions

With Christmas just round the corner I thought I would share some December traditions that go on in our home and new traditions we are creating with the girls.

1. 1st December is officially CHRISTMAS MUG DAY!! It is strictly forbidden to drink from a Christmas mug before December. Then when the 1st rolls around its strictly forbidden to drink from any other mug other than a Christmas one. I feel we may have to start adding to the mug collection to cut down on some of the washing up! plus I don’t think there is any other month that even comes close to the tea consumed in the month of December just to get the use of the mugs!

2. Christmas movies start appearing on tv. This year my absolute favorite Christmas film is celebrating 30 years since its release in theatres “National Lampoons Christmas Vacation”. I watch this religiously every year and I’ve moved from having it recorded on TV, to a video cassette and now I own the DVD. I don’t have to search the TV guide up and down as that itself was becoming its own Christmas tradition to find out when it was on! Chris of course has his favorite which is “Scrooged” and the girls are enjoying “The Snowman” and ” Shrek The Halls”. I have bought “Miracle on 34th Street” to go in their Christmas Eve box so we can have some hot chocolate, get on our Christmas pyjamas and watch that before bed on Christmas eve.

3. The tree goes up usually the first or second weekend of December. The selecting of the tree falls heavily on the shoulders of Chris who not only takes the job extremely seriously but somehow always manages to come home with the biggest tree! Since having Olivia nearly six years ago we have always got a real tree and I do love the smell of it and also the fact that every year the tree is different in shape. We let the girls decorate the tree and then when they go to bed, we (ok me) fix it as the baubles end up being clustered together at the same height. Thankfully we (me) hasn’t been rumbled yet the next morning!

4. The Christmas Panto is also a great hit in our house. This year and last my mum took Olivia to see Lisnagarvey Operatic Society Christmas show and my goodness the panto was unbelievable! The stage, the outfits, the acting and all the little bits in between where outstanding! Last year the production was “Little Red Riding Hood” and this year it was Olivias favourite “Sleeping Beauty“. There is a panto trip for Olivia with her school to the famous Grand Opera House but she much preferred going to see Lisnagarvey Operatic Society so we can’t wait to hear what next year will bring from them!

5. The Santa Visit. Last year I have to be honest, the kids seen that many Santa’s that at one-point Olivia said to me “do we have to see him?” I knew then and there it was all too much and starting to ruin the magic a bit for her and I didn’t want this rubbing off on Zanna. It just so happened anywhere we went Santa was there and we hadn’t planned it all very well. Since Primary One Olivia has a Christmas fun day in school and there is a party and a disco, and the kids all get their picture with Santa and a present. This year I think that will be it. Zanna is going to see Santa at the toddler groups she goes to so again that will be enough until she is into nursey next year and the Santa trips start. We are substituting our family Santa visit to go and see “The Snowman” family concert performed by the Ulster orchestra. I have always wanted to see this production and I just know they will absolutely love it especially Zanna as she finds live music mesmerizing.

6. The Elf on the Shelf. We got one a few years ago that has been named ‘Ben’. He is now a common feature when the tree arrives, and we move him every night. we are definitely not one of those crazy families that has him doing all these strange things and we definitely don’t put all that effort in as the girls couldn’t care less about it. As long as he moves somewhere in the room, they are happy. He is usually swinging from the tree, playing with one of their toys and hiding in the fridge. how people have all the time to set up all these scenarios I don’t know! When Ben leaves on 24th December he leaves behind the Christmas eve box for the girls with some sweets in it, a DVD and a book.

These are just some of the little traditions we have in our house this year. What traditions do you and your family share? Be sure to let me know over on my Facebook or Instagram. Until then I’m away to make a cup of tea in my favourite Christmas mug 🙂

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  1. Love your traditions, and this will be lovely to look back on x

    1. Yes I thought I could look back on it and even update it next year with anything new we can add in x

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