When you find out you are pregnant and expecting your second child you do really worry about how the first will take it. I’m guessing which way it swings can depend on both their age and understanding of what is going on along with the personality of the child. When we found out there was another Henning on the way we were pretty confident Olivia would take it well. She’s fiercely independent, moves to the beat of her own drum and couldn’t really care about much else including another baby but nonetheless we included her in everything during the pregnancy just incase though in the hope she would understand the big change that was about to take place.

Olivia came along to our first scan and we were able to point out the little baby to her, we got her a big sister book so we could fill in all the blanks in the lead up to bringing the baby home and we took her along to help pick out some items for the baby although the biggest hit was probably my maternity pillow which she wanted to claim as her own…its was extremely comfortable so I understand 🙂


We talked nonstop about how she was going to be the best big sister ever and mummy’s number one helper with the baby. We got a Bing bunny toy to give to her at the hospital from Zanna which we thought would soften the blow of this new person coming home with us and she was excited of all things to share her new changing mat with the baby…its the little things clearly!

Just as we had expected Olivia took becoming a big sister in her stride. She loved Zanna from their first meeting at the hospital and has continued to embrace our new addition to the fullest. Gone was all the baby talk we had been experiencing in the lead up to the arrival and the clinging to mummy and daddy and here was no longer our baby girl but our big girl. This she has constantly reminded us about ever since the 21st December  🙂


Nobody is allowed to get Zanna a nappy but Olivia. Nobody can play with her toys she will only share them with Zanna. She has to carry the bottle from the kitchen into the living room so Zanna can be fed. Olivia has to hold the bottle every so often so she has helped too. She has to sit next to Zanna on the sofa or lie next to her on the play mat.  She has to show Zanna how to brush your teeth in the morning, eat up your breakfast, drink properly from your cup and put your shoes and coat on. Olivia is taking great pride in teaching Zanna all these things and while maybe at 8 weeks old it means nothing we are encouraging Olivia to set the standard high and deliver those lessons to Zanna to make her feel important in her little sisters life.


Not only does Olivia demonstrate all these things above but she has also become really emotional attached to Zanna. When she gets up in the morning Zanna is the first person she asks about and she is the last person she kisses goodnight. She constantly wants to hold her hand and kiss her forehead or stroke her soft cheeks. When Zanna cries or is upset Olivia shares that feeling and doesn’t like it…neither do I..two kids crying at the same time is hard work especially at 7am! After some reassurance that Zanna is ok maybe hungry or tired Olivia controls her feelings and gives Zanna a hug to “make it all better”.  True love.


Now I understand this love they have for each other may be short and sweet but while the going is good we will embrace it with all that we have. My heart melts when I see it and we could not be prouder of our big little girl and the relationship already our two daughters share.





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