Its November so it’s perfectly reasonable to mention the ‘C’ word that being Christmas of course! Only 41 days but who is counting?! My four-year old that is who 🙂

As the years roll on each Christmas becomes more magically simply through understanding the time of year.  Whilst our biggest concern this year is how we will manage to keep Zanna from charging at the Christmas tree we are also conscious that we want to build up the anticipation of the big day and enjoy the magic that Christmas has to offer throughout December. Having our own kids really  has made Christmas so much more enjoyable the last four years I must say.

This year we are stepping it up after a wonderful family run company called Lapland Mailroom contacted me about their gorgeous Santa letters for the girls. Paul and Nicola started the business 14 years ago when their son, much like Olivia, started asking those all important questions about Santa and thus the business was born.

With the choice of four letter templates starting at £8.95 and personalised to each individual child, these also containing the following;

  • FREE ‘Nice Child’ Certificate
  • Elf Yourself! Activity sheet
  • Christmas Eve door hanger
  • Cut out and keep
    Christmas decoration
  • Colouring in Christmas card
  • Colouring in ‘Santa
    Stop Here! poster’

The form is so easy to fill in and allows you to select who the letter is from ie Santa Claus, Father Christmas or Mrs Claus and you are able to enter what presents your littles are wanting and include special names of family and/or friends which just adds to the magic!


I was really pleased at how Olivias turned out and I just know she will be absolutely amazed that Santa knew all that information about her and at least we as parents now have the leverage as to the naughty and nice list which can only be a good thing right?!


The letters where very kindly gifted to me by Paul and Nicola at Lapland mailroom in turn for my honest opinion on the letters and I stand true to the fact that they are absolutely gorgeous.

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