We are just back from a holiday in Salou and while the weather was to put it mildly..pants.. we still managed to have a great time. We just seemed to get extremely unlucky and when the plane touched down so did the rain and this continued on and off for pretty much 4 days straight. Not to be disheartened we still just ploughed on and got the shorts on..while on holiday and all 🙂

This has been our second family holiday since Olivia was born. Last year we were lucky enough to use my Uncle and Aunties timeshare apartment just outside Fuengirola and boy did we have a good time, it was amazing and Olivia was a dream. We definitely knew we wanted to go away again this year just outside of the warmest season so we thought May would work well. We didn’t expect it to work so well we didn’t really need any suntan lotion until we were 4 days into the holiday!

Look at that cross face, it was 6.30am I suppose!

We stayed at the H10 Mediterranean Village just outside of Salou. We chose the hotel because it had great reviews and plenty to do for kids and it didn’t disappoint! There was a soft play area and indoor heated pool which was great with the poor weather. We went half board and again the food was excellent. We have found being on 2 all-inclusive holidays previously that sometimes the food can become repetitive but I certainly didn’t think this was the case at the Mediterranean village; there was even a kids buffet provided with extras for the young ones like yogurt and fruit in the mornings and in the evenings there was dishes that was easier to eat than maybe some of the other alternatives. This was especially handy for Olivia but she was able to eat from both as she has a well-rounded appetitite…we are continually thankful for this! Having said that when it came to breakfast time the healthy option just wouldn’t cut it so Sugar Puffs it was 🙂


We ventured out and about and discovered the walk into the main town of Salou was about 30-40 mins from our hotel. This was a great way to get the morning/afternoon in when the sun was hiding. Infact the more and more we walked it the quicker we got so we were able to walk into Salou by the end of the week in about 20 mins..we are pros! Olivia loved the beach front in Salou as there are several swings and slides along the way and the scenery on the walk in and out was spectacular.




See the difference a clear blue sky makes!

The one day the sun did manage to come out it was a mad dash to the pool. We had such a good time laughing with all the other parents who were forcing their kids into the pool simply because the sun was out and that is what you should do of course even if it is freezing. I nominated myself as chief photographer as there was no way I was getting in the ice-cold pool no way no chance! Chris said it was “alright, after your body acclimatized” – this was said through chattering teeth 🙂





We certainly wouldn’t hesitate to go back to Salou and we even though the weather wasnt as expected, where we stayed suited us perfectly as we were able to venture into the main town and enjoy the hustle and bustle but then retreat back to the quiet and calm of our own resort – the best of both worlds really.

Happy Holidays!

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