I went through a phase a few years ago when I worked in retail management of using my days off midweek to bake. I loved it religiously. My forte lay in baking cupcakes and I would bake them by the dozen. I then changed jobs and well, really never baked again! I didn’t have time at the weekends and then I got pregnant and couldn’t face it. Along came Olivia and all time to do anything went out the window but that was fine, that was life.  Much to the disappointment of my taste tester husband and my father in law who is quite partial to a bun or two or three 🙂

I went to a cupcake baking class back in June 2012 with a local baker just to see how easy it was and if I could actual do it and I really enjoyed the afternoon.  Mind you the cupcakes looked like a mess but the theory of it was there plus they tasted good if I do say so myself!




I got hooked after this first attempt so on my next day off I decided to try to make ones with different coloured icing which turned out just ok but as the months went on I decided to bake some for my Grandmothers 80th birthday. This was the big test as there would be guests at her party other than just Chris or my parents tasting them so they had to be good…no pressure!


They don’t look too bad right?!

Christmas 2012 rolled around and I made Christmas cupcakes for my family which I was really proud of and decorated them with Christmas characters and into Christmas trees etc, ordered cupcake boxes from ebay and tied them up with Christmas ribbon, the whole nine yards. I was most flattered when my Sister in law came home from University and asked my mother in law where she had bought them from…they must have looked slightly better than usual then 🙂



Fast forward to 14th December 2016. I’m 40 weeks pregnant and overdue by 3 days. Olivia is at her childminders and the world is my oyster. I was sitting watching “This Morning” and thought to myself I could do anything I wanted today – within reason- I have the pregnancy waddle bad! If I could anything on what could be my last day of freedom (you know what I mean – Childfree) what would I want to do. BAKE. Simple. Off I went to Tesco  with my shopping list to purchase all the ingredients.


They look slightly burnt. Maybe I’ve lost my touch 🙂


Voila…Salted Caramel Cupcakes!

I really enjoyed the afternoon reigniting my love for baking and hopefully this is something Olivia and I can enjoy together, although I fear she may just enjoy licking the bowl. She does love a “Special Treat”  just like her Granda George :):)

If anyone is interested in my recipe just let me know and im happy to share.

Have a great weekend guys.

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  1. That looks so well done, I love the colors! Enjoy!!

    1. Thank you so much I really appreciate it!

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