A change of job or career can be daunting for anyone and can stir up a mixture of emotions be it excitement, nerves, a fear of the unknown, will be grass be greener? perhaps not but how will you know if you don’t give it a go right?!

Todays marks the last day of employment for Chris with his current employer of 13 years. He knew in December that he would be leaving after attending the interview and basically being offered the job on the spot but between friendships made and customer relationships it was a difficult decision after being with a company for so long.

When I first got together with Chris I was telling a colleague who I worked with about him and explaining where he worked at the time. Her response to me was simply “your boyfriend is the HOT Halifax guy?!! I can’t believe it you are so lucky my friends and I only go in there to see him!” well we howled and laughed at this when I got home and it has been a long-standing joke since. He might be leaving but he’s still that hot guy for sure!

All joking aside, he has achieved a lot in this time especially for charities including sacrificing his cool reputation to be “Super Ted” at a kids picnic and abseiling down the Europa Hotel, both as a family we are extremely proud of 🙂

I do tend to keep Chris going about his job from time to time simply because he could do it in his sleep he is that good at it but sometimes circumstances just change. The job can become less of a challenge and a bit repetitive. You need to set yourself new goals, give yourself a shake and rattle to get yourself going and feel refreshed about the future ahead. This is exactly what Chris needed; not because he fell out of love with the job infact quite the opposite, he is still moving on into a similar role with a smaller firm. Sometimes the big bad corporate world can wear rose-tinted glasses and the variation of growth in yourself can become stifled. When you as a person are full of ideas, can see the way things could work and are allowed to contribute this can both help you grow and the business you are in and that’s exactly what Chris needed to do.

This will mean a big change for us as a family but an even bigger change for Chris with regards his working week. By accepting this job there will no longer be a ‘Daddy Day’ on a Tuesday. For years Chris has had Tuesday off as he works on a Saturday and while there were no children on the go he could relax and put his feet up (after completing his ‘to do’ list! ) but for the last four years Tuesdays have been non stop for him at home and he has loved every minute as have the girls.

On Tuesdays Chris is the man about town…literally! From baby activities, library visits, parent and toddler groups, swimming lessons, art classes to nursery runs the day is just non stop. He never batters an eyelid at having to attending all these things with the girls and he loves having the opportunity to do so. These things he will sorely miss and he has told me that first hand.

However this does mean that we will have weekends together and we need to make the most of those. We can’t wait for trips up to the North Coast and more adventures especially when the better days roll around.

Christopher is a great example of a hardworking husband and dedicated dad so I know that our Saturdays and Sundays will be special no matter what we are doing as we will finally be able to spend that time as a foursome…even if it does means those ‘To Do’ lists have to wait until the weekend now eh Chris?! 🙂

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