Auntie Adventures

I’ve spent the last few days enjoying quality time with my family and time off work. While its been the best 4 days boy had I nearly forgot how exhausting it is entertaining a 17 month old all day…I think I get a better break at work!! For 4 days straight ive been spinning around, jumping up and down, singing my heart out to every nursery rhyme ever created (plus actions) and without revealing TMI changing nappies into double figures daily with a teething baby (mums/dads you know what i mean #boke)

In between all this we have had a few adventures out and about. My few days off were timed well as my lovely sister-in-law was home from London visiting so it was great to spend time together and for Olivia to have all that quality Auntie time. We hit our favourite spot Scarva park while the sun was shining on friday.  Auntie ‘Deaf’ as she is known (its Stephanie but thats the best Olivia can manage bless her) received her own personal adventure stick from her darling niece to take back to London. As mentioned in my previous post this is an essential at the park so we had a good laugh when Olivia handed it to her.


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Weather Permitting

This weekend was quite non eventful for us due to the rubbish weather. Its suppose to be summer so come on sunshine! I keep seeing on my Facebook timeline ‘heatwave coming in August’ then the next post is ‘worst weather in 20 years coming in August’ it just can’t make up its mind which really doesn’t suit me stuck indoors with a 17 month old toddler.

One of the worst* things about the weather (*sounds dramatic) is that I have all these summer clothes for Olivia that fit her now and if the sunshine doesn’t come back they will be useless!! I have had to step up the washing so I can get vests and long sleeve tops washed in time for the week ahead which is a downer as she has beautiful dresses im dying to get on her booooo rain…and as mentioned I have to do double the washing to keep up 🙁


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Green Fingers

After researching every living tree possible I finally found one that I wanted for my front door step that I didn’t have to re- mortgage our house for. A topiary tree in B&Q was £70..WHAT?! for me to kill probably?? no no that’s ridiculous!

The front of my house is like a borefest (is that a word?!) anyhoo.. we live opposite a landscape gardener so as you can imagine we have to up our game. A bit like the Griswolds in ‘National lampoons christmas vacation’ but with trees/plants not christmas get the drift.  The minute our neighbour cuts the grass im throwing hints left right and centre for the Hubby to get the lawnmower out pronto.

Well we circled around the outdoor area of B&Q for ages finally picking out the nicest but cheapest plants to pot. My track record with the survival of these aren’t great so I decided to not spend big bucks until I see how this goes. We then went to a local garden centre to get some advice on the tree situation. I wish we had gone there first instead of B&Q as we got way more advice and everything was better value. Once the owner caught a glimpse of Olivia and her love of smelling the flowers on demand we got a create deal; just typical. I will definitely be going back there if this proves to be a success.


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Coastal Views

Last week we spent a few days up the North Coast as we were celebrating my birthday.. it was my 10th anniversary of being least that’s what im telling people if they ask 🙂 We are so fortunate to have a family home in Bushmills which is being put to good use between ourselves and my parents – I never see them anymore and they refer to themselves as ‘local’ now, they have the life of it in retirement but I say good on them!The home was only purchased in April but as is expected in this wee country of ours I think ive seen the sunshine once or twice while staying up there but sunday was amazing! So good infact I had to take a million pics which i wont bore you with…just this one 🙂



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Hello world!

The first blog is always the most tricky isnt it?! so ill set the scene..

My name is Jillian. I’m a first time mum to our daughter Olivia who is nearly 18 months (sob…where did the time go ) Based in Northern Ireland and ive been married for 5 years to my delicious husband, if you were to ask him, it definitely feels like a lot longer at times 🙂