I don’t know how all the other parents out there feel when it comes time to pack away baby clothes but it absolutely breaks my heart especially packing away all the clothes of the summer, in my eyes, this is when our daughter really became a little person.

Until Olivia could walk properly she was just a little baby to us, not all that independent but now you couldn’t take your eyes off her and she’s into everything but that’s makes her who she is…. a wee mini human who we love beyond belief.

We have literally kept everything she has ever worn as each outfit feels so sentimental to us. Each outfit represents a memory of her doing, saying or achieving something so how could I throw it away..pasta sauce stains and everything?! *sobs


In saying that ive noted the positives and negatives to putting away all the clothes and our daughter progressing with her own wee life.

The šŸ™

  1. She is growing up, and Iā€™m not ready for it *sigh*
  2. Will there be another who will wear these clothes? We get asked this question daily surprise surprise!
  3. Why in the world did we buy so many baby clothes that she hasn’t even worn! Yikes!
  4. How can I possibly get rid of any of them? As mentioned already even the stains have sentimental value

The šŸ™‚

  1. She gets to debut all the clothes we have bought in advance – brand spanking new and stain-less from the get go. I am loving all the clothes without buttons at the neck they are so awkward to do at times.
  2. Panic stations – we will soon be at the potty training stage – even those words put the fear of God in me but it will mean no more bulky nappies.
  3. She is becoming a bit more independent so we can final have a few minutes to get things done without having eyes in the back of our heads.
  4. She will be moving into her ‘Big Girl’ bed soon which means we will have plenty of sleepless night which she wants to play in her room rather than sleep – I just know this will be standard practice….boooo! However the bedding for little girls is AMAZING :):)

Positives outweigh the negatives by far especially when it means I get to shop more for really cute clothes. I will however have to tell Daddy “She got that as gift when she was born, it finally fits yipee!” little white lies don’t hurt anyone right especially if it means I get to shop more?? šŸ™‚

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