October 2018 review

Gosh October has been a really busy month in our household. From receiving my grim news at the beginning with regards my employment  incase you missed it you can catch up here right through to Halloween and sparkler delights!

Even though it has got bitterly cold the last few days the sun is still shining and it has been fabulous to get the winter woolies on and soak up all that crisp fresh air. we have been trying to make the most of it before the snow makes an appearance, after the beautiful summer we have had im guessing its pay back time as we head towards Christmas…is it too early to mention that word yet?!


We managed to find nearly 100 conkers at the tree situated at the top of our street, Olivia thought she had won the lottery! I think with the storm we had we definitely got lucky that so many conkers had fallen and nobody had got to them first. We will be ready and armed next year to avoid wandering around aimlessly and head straight for that tree.

Every event or occasion is so much more fun now that Olivia at least understands what is going on. she is very into the seasons and loves an opportunity to dive right in and experience all that a specific event has to offer and Halloween this year was no different. We went out as family and bought some Halloween decorations which we have never done before and this is the first year she has carved out her own pumpkin  – don’t worry daddy was there to use the knife – we didn’t need an actual bloody finger to feel authentic  this year!

I’ve got to be honest we bought Olivias Halloween costume in the Tesco sale last year not really thinking that she would want to dress up as something specific and poor old Zanna just got the outfit that Olivia wore when she was two…the good old hand me downs eh! The biggest selling point of the outfit was of course the witches hat and the fact that the gold glitter on the costume has cascaded all over the house just my luck! We wont even go into the amount of sweets, crisps and candy that olivia got while out trick or treating. Chris and I might have to make the sacrifice and help her out 🙂


I hoping November will be a lot more relaxed because December is full of musical performances, ballet exams, nativity plays, christmas parties and a special 2nd birthday whats not to love 🙂




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