I decided at the beginning of the year that I was going to stop watching loads of rubbish on TV late in the evening and take up reading as I loved nothing more than a good book before Olivia arrived. I say it like im blaming her for my lack of reading but that’s not true; I was just happy that when she went to bed and slept all night  that I could sit down and actually watch some TV whilst drinking my cup of hot tea….Its the small things in life 🙂

I was browsing the book aisle at my local Tesco (other supermarkets are available!) and thought their offer for 2 books for £7 was quite good and I have availed of this offer several time over the last few years. Once I had noted down a couple of titles I checked Amazon as sometimes books can be cheaper on there and picked out 4 titles. When I went to the basket I seen my order was about £15.00 and thought ok sounds good so I proceeded. Lunchtime rolled around and I went to get money from my purse for a sandwich (lies – a lunchtime special from the chip shop) when I noticed my Library card. I must admit I only signed up for the library when we move house as we didn’t have wi-fi in for a couple of weeks; gosh it was like the “olden days” we had to actually talk to each other *sighs* I logged onto my account online and checked to see if they had any of the books I had just ordered at £15 and surprise they were all there sitting on the shelf of my local library. I quickly nipped back to amazon and cancelled the order I couldn’t believe it!

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After reserving the books I wanted and collecting them after work I thought I would have another look online when I noticed signs up in the library advertising their e-magazine library. I have a subscription to Style at Home magazine which I renewed at Christmas and there it was for free online (que my shocked face!) There are loads of titles you can read for free like

  • Look Magazine
  • OK
  • Hello
  • Beautiful Homes
  • BBC Good Food magazine
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Essentials lifestyle magazine
  • DIY magazines
  • Photography/Camera magazines
  • Glamour
  • FourTwoFour ( my hubbys fav football mag)
  • Ideal Home
  • Instyle
  • Marie Claire
  • baby magazines
  • wedding magazines
  • Rugby World

The list goes on.. check them out here.. there are 18 pages of magazines…think of the money that you would save…and could spend on shoes/handbags!

It has been really good for kids books also. Olivia absolutely loves books can’t get enough of them and we read them for hours on our days off and in the evening. She has read them so many times she knows when you skip a page or don’t read the right words – there is a meltdown and I also feel bad for the grandparents as they have to quickly find their glasses because making it up as they go along is no longer cutting it :):) She has been a book-worm from a baby so visiting the library has been a great afternoon activity that we can get up to especially on those rainy days..





Looking very serious here..
Looking very serious here..

When Olivia was just 3 months old I started to take her to Rhyme Time in our local library every Wednesday for 30 mins and she really enjoyed it, plus I got to learn all the nursery rhymes. That may seem like  a strange thing to say but as a new mum things have moved on and there are so many new songs than when I was little. I have to keep up with the kids don’t you know 🙂 You can download the nursery rhymes that are sung here

I managed to get a good look around my local library 2 weeks ago when Chris had Olivia at a toddler drama class..I know..we have her signed up for everything as if she wasnt dramatic enough! Not only where they lots of non fiction books in hardback there that are currently on the shelves in bookshops in paperback but there were lots of interesting parenting books both serious and comical.  I spotted this on and might get it out next haha..

Picture taken from Amazon

This was then the trigger for me to start looking up all kinds of recent titles and they were all available. Back in January I did set myself a goal to read a book a month and so far im just ahead of schedule on my 4th so it’s looking good..why have I been buying books and magazines all this time??! I should have been at the Library more!!


*Please note all these opinions are my own and not written in conjunction with Librariesni





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  1. 😍😘👏👏👏 love that you are loving books again. So exciting. Pity we haven’t got this book club sorted but we will x

    1. Yes it shall happen! The library contacted me about joining one of their book clubs too 🙂 X

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