At the weekend I was very kindly invited by CMPR to attend a meet up of local bloggers which was hosted by the amazing Eddie Rockets on the Lisburn Road in Belfast. Having never been to Eddie Rockets before I was very excited as it just looks like my kinda place…especially after  investigating the milkshakes online…yum!

Whilst driving along the Lisburn Road I wondered if I would be able to spot the diner but I couldn’t have missed it with the coolest Cadillac sitting outside and crowds of bloggers getting that famous instagram shot!

With Prosecco on arrival and the funky tunes playing from the jukebox, it was a great opportunity to mix and mingle with fellow bloggers exchanging ideas and talking techniques.

The diner itself is a great setting for a catch up with friends or family with a really varied menu and you can see the prep area where the cooking takes place which is an interesting slant.

We dined on hot buffalo wings, a new yorker sandwich, the perfect trio sliders and a delicious Chicken salad…oh and those fries…oh so yum cheese and bacon fries :):)

I ordered a rocky road deluxe milkshake which was to DIE for! Anyone who knows me knows I love a good milkshake and it has to be made with ice-cream and this one had plenty of that. I would even contemplate the drive to my local branch just for another one 🙂

I had a fab day and to round it all off who wouldn’t try their luck to drive off in this amazing car!!

I was not ask to write a blog or review the diner at all but with all these fab photos to share how could I not….it just means I get to see that milkshake over and over again 🙂

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