If you haven’t heard of MumsNI then you are missing out. A website full of great ideas for all the family including days out, craft activities, reading fun, recipes, help and advice and an area where they feature different blogs written by real people. One of those just happens to be me!


I have been so lucky to not have written just once for them but twice. To say it was enjoyable was an understatement. My first post which you can read here is about the differences in maternity leave between Olivia and Zanna and hopefully if you give it a read you can relate if you have more than one. Even though I wrote it last September it still rings true to this day, I still haven’t filled out Zanna baby book so Im relying on my iPhone for the dates that things have happened 🙂 Im just winging it like most others i meet and if there is still laughter in the house then im winning! Thankfully there is and plenty of it!

My latest post for MumsNI is a letter written to my pre parent self. I was a bit nervous about it being published as all the letters on the blog previously where very sentimental and from the heart and if you follow my blog you will know whilst I can shed the odd emotion I live just to see the funny side of things and not take it all too seriously. You can read the letter here

I hope you enjoy the two blogs and make sure and head over to the MumsNI website for more information or give them a follow on their social media channels for up to date information on all the best ideas for family life.

This post is not sponsored by MumNI but simply a shout out to a wonderful local resource which has been of real value to us as a family over the last year and beyond. The images used are featured on their website and all views are entirely my own…including the comment about relocating to the Bahamas!! 🙂

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