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If you haven’t come across the phrase  “New year, New Me” already this January then im guessing you have been living under a rock. Just about everyone seems to be decluttering, reorganising, refocusing and  of course starting to eat healthy after overindulging during the festive period.

This healthy eating phase actually doesn’t apply to us too much as we have been indulging ourselves in lots of healthy family meals thanks to Siobhan Berry author of “Baby and Family” a beautiful cook book that provides numerous recipes that the family can get involved with in the kitchen.

A few months ago I mentioned on my social media channels that I was starting to have lots of problems with Olivia and her eating. Whilst at nursery school she had a hearty lunch but then trying to get her to eat properly over the summer was a real struggle as she was out of routine with no school friends to coach on her on. The same can be said some days now she has started Primary School. She can’t be encouraged to try things she maybe doesn’t recognise or she is just in a hurry to eat the quickest thing to get out into the playground. Siobhan very kindly gifted me her cookbook  to see if we could get Olivia back on track with some good eating habits;  It’s great to know we can check the menu of school dinners and then accommodate her with a fulfilling dinner at home if we know the menu might be hit or miss. Sometimes making the same things can become repetitive so the book was great to give us some new ideas of food combinations that we could try.

Having tried several recipes the firm favourite in our house hold is the Homemade Tomato Sauce and the Meatballs. By just clicking on the words this will link you right to the recipe via the Mummy Cooks website which is so handy to navigate and the ingredients were not expensive to pick up at our local supermarket.

Olivia really enjoyed rolling out the meatballs and by encouraging her to participate we found she has started to eat the dishes a lot more quickly because she can then brag when we all sit down at the table that the family dinner is her creation and she loves the praise.

Add some Pasta and Voila….you know it’s a big success when even your little sister clears the plate! Well done and thank you Olivia for our delicious home made dinner 🙂

As mentioned Siobhan very kindly gifted me her wonderful cookbook and I offered to provide some feedback on how we got on. All the words are my own and I was under no obligation to promote the book on her behalf but I really do recommend it and also using the website as it is constantly updated with new recipes to try.

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