I was clearing out my purse recently and came across so many store cards that havent seen the light of day in years even a Makro card circa 2003 which ive never used. I found a Matalan store card in my maiden name and registered to my parents address when I had a thought; when was the last time I entered that store? where even is my local store? so i kept the card in order to investigate.

I fired up Google and search for Matalan online. My goodness was this the best idea ever…I haven’t seen homewear so gorgeous in such a long time! Sometimes though when you look online it can be hit or miss when you visit a store as to whether or not they actually have the merchandise but I was fortunate enough that my luck was in and everything I had seen online was available in my local store. Great for me not so great for the bank balance oops!

My living room is burnt orange, with golds and chocolate-brown so they have an inspirational look called ‘Cottage’ which suits me down to the ground as when I was decorating it was a bit of a struggle to find orange items to lift the colour. My Husband kept on saying that the room was dull and how I could i say it was orange when we simply had a few candles and 3 orange cushions – im pretty sure he will be gutted I have come across the store card as I could have bought the whole Cottage look in one go – inspirational quotes are his favorite you know (NOT!) and Matalan have them aplenty:)


so many beautiful items and great prices! I got this really cute owl for ยฃ4..such a bargain ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_3462although when I got to the till the girl looked at my original card like the person in the apple shop looked at my first generation iPhone a few years ago- it was written all over her face what the heck is that?! She very kindly offered me a new updated card and signed me up for all their offers and a magazine – i love a good homeware magazine ๐Ÿ™‚

I had just got home and obviously my first priority, like any sane person, is to flaunt my purchases all over social media when i spotted a lovely friend of mine had already beat me to it.. how sweet is this little grey fox and again what a bargain! Thanks to The Ditsy House for allowing me to use the pic..check out more beautiful home ideas over on the Ditsy instagram page by clicking the link.. she has such a gorgeous house and really great ideas for decorating – jealous.com ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_3493The shopping trip was a success and I shall be returning pronto ( and by pronto I probably mean this weekend)

Check it all out here on theย Matalan website…but dont blame me when you want everything:))

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  1. You’re very welcome lovely and thanks for the wee Ditsy mention. Totally LOVE Matalan’s cottage! xx

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