When I was off last week I managed to escape out for some ‘Jillian time’ leaving the Hubby and daughter at home. To be fair I said the words ‘Dunelm Mill’ and the look of horror on Christophers face spoke volumes. Off I went to exchange bedding at Dunelm and call into Boots on the way home. I was due to get some make up but decided I wanted to try something different and after reading bazillions of blogs about Boots No 7 range I wanted to go in and speak to someone on the counter and get some advice.

I’ve religiously been wearing Estee Lauder Double Wear Light as it hardly feels like im wearing any foundation at all which I like. I am not a big make up fan in that I don’t wear a lot even when going out but I think that’s partly down to just not knowing what I suited and also all the effort that goes into it all. I have never been bothered with all the time it takes. Now that I rarely get out…thats an absolute lie we are spoilt rotten with grandparents wanting Olivia 24/7..beyond lucky.. I feel like now I would like to make more of an effort. It helps hide the tired mummy eyes too 🙂 BONUS!

Anyhoo…off I went to Boots. We have a big Boots located near us and they have a lot of choice on their counter. I had only approached the make up when a lovely lady named Anita introduced herself and asked what I was on the look out for. I explained I was on a mission to get some help make up wise and needed all the help I could get! She was absolutely delicious, not pushy in any way and really open to talking me through different products. The first thing she done was discuss what I wanted to achieve with my make up, my likes and dislikes and why I wanted a change. Easy. Anita then produced a small handheld gadget shown below that matches your skin tone to their foundation, concealer, lipstick and blusher. AMAZING!


Anita prepped my skin and put one foundation on half of my face and a heavier one on the other half. I immediately feel in love with the Airbrush Away foundation. It was literally like air on my face, so very light so that would be perfect for me. It does not contain an SPF which makes it great for wearing out in the evening as it doesn’t appear shiny and wont reflect when a photo is taken etc. I had the Matte finish on the other half of my face but I felt this was too heavy-looking for me so off that came and Stay Perfect foundation replaced this. I knew straight away this was the one for me to wear throughout the day. SOLD!


Anita then recommended a concealer to match the foundation along with primer and a blusher. At this point she had my face all done and even I will admit I looked great and by great I mean I looked like I had maybe slept all night and spent at least more than the normal 5 minutes to get ready! I don’t usually jump into big purchases so I suggested that I would maybe walk around for a while and see how the make up lasts. I didn’t want to buy everything only to get in the car and think “Gosh you are Tango’ed”. Off I pranced and done some shopping stopping at every mirror along the way to check the face out…still looking good 😉 Needless to say I went back an hour later and purchased it all…well it was buy one get one half price ..it would have been rude not to 🙂 . I couldn’t believe the price difference between everything from the No 7 range together and how much I was paying for one foundation from estee lauder, yikes. While I still think the foundation is good its expensive so it will be interesting to see how it fairs out against all of the new products purchased but it’s looking good so far. As for Anita and all her wisdom, I couldn’t recommend her enough, super customer service.


My nearest Boots superstore is at Sprucefield Shopping complex, Lisburn.

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