How has December been going for you? Pants…thats how mine has been! I started off the first week of December confined to my spare room dying of the flu; not just a bad cold I mean full-blown FLU! I had to take the week off work and just to paint the picture for you….I was even too ill to watch This Morning or Jeremy Kyle…I mean thing.were.bad 🙁

I had been planning to get the majority of my shopping done but that went out the window so the last few weeks have been manic trying to get presents organised. I think I spend hours aimlessly walking around shopping centres trying to come up with ideas for family members – what do you get the people who have everything already? I just seem a bit Bah Humbug I know…I need to buck up my ideas here 🙂 I’m not going to dwell too much on the flu thing so I will swiftly move on to the great things that December has brought thus far…

Christmas Themed coffee…


In the space of 3 weeks I have had a caramel latte, a hot chocolate, a white hot chocolate, a caramel fudge hot chocolate and a toffee nut latte several times over…I needed the caffeine of course!

Pinterest christmas ideas…


If I have said to Chris once ive said it a thousand times “I seen this thing on Pinterest…” I just want to pin everything and recreate everything but havent had a minute. Definitely next year I will be more organised. Last year I made a couple of christmas decorations and a family tree picture for my parents that I seen on Pinterest. I was so impressed with my crafting skills and I only wish i had made things this year…you can check out my christmas board here.

Dodgy Santa visits…

Olivia went to several christmas parties over the last 2 weeks and met santa at every one of these, some she liked others she didn’t but to be fair to her being thrown at a man in a big red suit and told to smile along with a stranger can be a bit weird!


I couldnt care less..I know the present is a book!
I couldn’t care less..I know the present is a book!

How unimpressed does she look??!! Santa gave her the present she looked him dead in the eye and said BOOK. spoiler alert for the rest of the kids oops!

Ive had enough!
Ive had enough!

She wouldn’t even entertain the camera but as you can see the room was dark and filled with glowing light like a nightclub rave, it would have put me off a bit too!

The work Christmas party…

Here it is the event I had been waiting for…. an actual night out with adults and alcohol woohoo!!! I had searched the country for a dress as I really wanted to make the effort but nothing I could find would suit me and it definitely isn’t a good idea to try on dresses when you are as see through white (should have fake tanned it!) as me. You know things are pretty rubbish when you come home go straight onto google and search “knee-length black dress to hide sins with possible sleeves that isn’t covered in sequins that go everywhere” #dressfail. I just invested in a sparkly top and matching shoes and that covered it thankfully 🙂



The NSPCC Santa letter…

Last year I searched to see what charities we could donate to in place of sending christmas cards. I came across the NSPCC  santa letter. It is a personalised letter from the North Pole for your child and the minimum donation was £5.00. when the letter arrived addressed to Olivia last year I was so excited and it was lovely! This year it was even more exciting as I was able to add more personal touches by including other family names in it and Olivia was able to open it herself which was so cute!!


As it was our first family christmas last year I was trying to think of some traditions that we could do for Olivia every year but I guess I had to be realistic; she had no idea what was going on.  I have a few ideas that im going to introduce over the next few years when she is more aware of things. For example I love the idea of a Christmas Eve box but that would be kind of pointless this year as she wouldn’t sit for 5 minutes to watch a DVD etc…although she does love her christmas PJs from her Nannie and Granada, she wants to wear them full time 🙂

Shes back….

As I have written before in a previous post my sister-in-law lives in London. It is our family tradition that a special event never really takes place/gets started until Stephanie is back in the country. It was the same for my wedding. I was 3 days away from getting married and was cool as a cucumber. Stephanie flew home, then it was from Glasgow, came to visit me in work and as she left it suddenly hit me OMG IM GETTING MARRIED – it must be happening Stephanie is home! I cried my eyes out in the staff room (I never told anyone this!) not because I was worried because then it all seemed real and I was so excited!!!

One from last year :)
One from last year 🙂

Auntie Stephanie arrived home on Sunday night and was straight around at 9am to see Olivia on Monday morning and boy was Olivia excited!! (And us of course) it was all she talked about on Monday afternoon dancing around the living room saying Stephanie’s name. We have a photo of Stephanie in a frame next to Olivias bed so every morning we talk about her while we get dressed and when you ask Olivia where auntie Stephanie is she will hold her hands up and say “away” so its great that she’s home and christmas can officially begin!!


Have a fabulous Christmas and happy and healthy New Year with your nearest and dearest.








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