Gosh how narcissistic does that title sound?! I don’t mean it to be of course but I have welcomed lots of new followers over the last few months through this blog, instagram and Facebook and thought it would be only right to introduce myself a bit more.

My name is Jillian, I am mum to Olivia (3) and Zanna (1) and (wonderful) wife to Christopher. I work part-time for a well-known sports company and the rest of my days are dedicated to my girls and keeping the house in one piece; the latter can be hit or miss 99.9% of the time though!

I first started my blog back in July 2015 when Olivia was nearly 18 months old. I found when I was pregnant I loved reading other mummy/parenting blogs especially ones that told you just how it really was, I felt more prepared then….well as prepared as a first time mum can be!

We live in a day and age where all our videos and photos are on our phones and we don’t really print out pictures anymore. I did think to myself what would happen should I lose my phone or something happen and I would lose all those memories and that’s when Hennathome was born. I thought this would be a good place to keep track of photos, stories, experiences and a great place for reflection on what we have been up to as a family and indeed what I have been up to as a person. I may be a wife, mum, daughter etc but I am still me, Jillian and I think that is really important to document aswell.

I am based in Northern Ireland and we are fortunate enough that my parents own a house on the north coast. This is our favourite place to visit and the kids are absolutely at home there. Olivia asks us to go there at least once a week so we are already looking forward to the weather picking up so we make good use of the house this year.

I have known Chris since we were at school and although we didn’t go to the same school once we did meet we were best friends instantly. We had loads in common and could talk for hours and more importantly he thought I was hilarious so it was win win for me. We didn’t get together as a couple until 2007 and three years later we were married and enjoying all life had to give us. We travelled to many different location over the world on wonderful holidays, we would eat out every weekend, we spent our days off together either out and about or napping on and off on the sofa while watching films all day and then four years later it was time for baby Henning to make an appearance and most of those things went out the window for us but little Olivia brought so much more to our lives…but I would still love those naps on the sofa again..some day some day 🙂

youthful looks circa 2011

This is turning into more information than “This is your life” so pass the red book 🙂 I will wrap it up bullet point style…

  • I’m obsessed with prisons and death row – I love films and TV documentaries about them.
  • I love UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)
  • My favourite country to visit is America and in particular Chicago and New York and I’m fortunate to have been several times.
  • I never make new years resolutions as I don’t remember them a few weeks later.
  • I have a fear of snakes – they move with no feet and can swallow a whole deer ?! and pigeons as they always seem to have an agenda.
  • I hate gerkins…and I mean HATE them!
  • I love reading books but it has to be the actual book I don’t like a kindle version.
  • I am literally allergic to the sun, I suffer from Polymorphic light eruption.
  • My husband is the best cook ever, I love everything he makes especially a good old fashion roast on a sunday particularly if he has made his own roast potatoes 🙂

Thanks so much to everyone who has taken the time to read my blogs, comment on my instagram or like my Facebook pictures. It has been great in 2017 getting to meet so many people through social media and I can only hope 2018 provides me with as many good opportunities to do so…I am always keen to meet up for a coffee and a chat provided there are chocolate buns involved so just let me know! 🙂


Jillian xx


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