I have had a couple of people email me about the pictures I have up in my bedroom and how did I go about making them. While I wish I could claim they were originally thought of by myself I did see them on both Pinterest and also Instagram but I cannot for the life of me remember which account it was so if you spot this post please let me know…credit where credit is due of course 🙂

I ordered the letters from a lady with an account on ebay which I found to be really cheap. I ordered a J, C and the & sign that came with free postage and packaging for £4.80 in size 150mm.


When they arrived I just bought a tester paint from Homebase for 98p in Silver mist matt to paint them all with which turned out pretty well. I did two coats which I thought was enough before they became really thick with paint.



After a very reluctant trip to Ikea with Chris we picked up two RIBBA white frames for £9.00 each in which to place the letters – the size was 50x50cm


I’m pretty sure on the instagram account I seen they had painted the background in a cream colour and the letters where another colour but I decided to make my background patterned as I have plain mustard walls. I had a look around Homebase and B&Q to find some wallpaper samples. At the time when I was putting all this together mustard and grey was quite hard to come by whereas its very on trend now…I must have set the trend obviously 🙂 I found three different ones that I quite liked. After removing the white insert from the frames I was then able to cut around the wallpaper to make it fit and the one that looked the best was the large leaves I thought.




I gave the letters another coat of paint to make them  look abit smoother. Once the paint had dried I just used superglue to stick the letter onto the wallpaper background and left them overnight.


The next day I popped them into my ikea frames and with the help of my DIY superstar Dad…. voila 🙂



Thank you for all the lovely comments about my bedroom colour choice maybe ill do a blog on how awful it was before and how we have brought it back to life.  A lick of bright paint can work wonders!

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