After much deliberation this year we finally decided on the South of France for our holidays. We started looking at different locations last year even before Zanna was born and we knew after last years holiday in Salou we didn’t want to do a package holiday. It just wasn’t for us this year. Maybe in a couple of years it will suit the girls better but at the minute Olivia just loves being outside running around so we knew we wanted a beach location and an apartment close at hand. That is exactly what we got when we booked Theoule Sur Mer.

I have never visited France aside from 2 city breaks to Paris so when Chris mentioned that he had stayed in the south of France when he was younger and loved it I thought it sounded ideal. Plus the bonus being the flight was only 2.5 hours and with 2 kids that is a dream!

As Chris knew the area it was pretty easy to find an apartment and this year we decided to look on Airbnb and this is totally new to me. I was a bit sceptical as I had visions of us arriving and nobody there to give us the key to the apartment we had paid for in advance but lo and behold that did not happen and the owners of the apartment Jacqueline and Pierre were darling! I didn’t manage to get photos of the accommodation before the tornado Olivia hit it and the suitcases exploded all over the living room but you can check it out here.

Literally a 2 minute walk and we were at the beach and the view was spectacular to say the least. It was exactly how I pictured the French Riviera to be and I wasn’t disappointed.

For the entire week the sun was shining and the sky was blue not to mention the crystal clear water which I did actually venture into on more than one occasion 🙂 The breeze at the beach helped with the heat as it was averaging out in the high twenties daily and the view wasn’t to shabby looking at all the yachts anchored in the bay.

Our location made staying at the beach extremely handy as the shops were just below our apartment block and Chris enjoyed visiting the local patisserie every morning for fresh croissants and bread rolls….and some delicious strawberry and raspberry custard tarts which I am not even ashamed to say we devoured for breakfast!

The surrounding area of Theoule Sur Mer was just breath taking. From the coast line to the marina, the flowers out in bloom and the restaurants there was always something to catch my eye which made the little village so charming. It was truly a wonderful place to visit and we definitely want to return sooner rather than later. We spent a day in Cannes as it was only 15 minutes along the coast on the train. I will do a separate blog post on this as im sure you have picture overload from this one already!

These are just a few photos from our daily walks out and about.


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