I have been fortunate enough this week to be off work with my hubby and little one and what a great week it has been…here is a mini round up of events

  • Bushmills salmon and whiskey festival

We went to stay at our house up the north coast after work on Friday. On Saturday we were lucky enough to be blessed with sunshine so headed of into the village to enjoy the start of the festival weekend. There were lots of cute little market stalls and food stands selling whiskey related treats like sausages and fudge etc yum yum!

The festival started with the traditional barrel roll from Bushmills Distillery right down the Main Street followed by Lambeg drums which Olivia loved, she shouted ‘more more’ when they stopped it was very funny!

  •   Tartine Restaurant, Bushmills

We had dinner at tartine @ The Distillers Arms on Saturday night with my inlaws and boy was it delicious! Probably one of the nicest meals we have all had in a long time. I had fillet steak which literally melted in my mouth and when I seen the dessert menu I knew I had died and gone to heaven I could have had one of everything!

I went for the caramel sundae and it was amazing!! I can still taste it just looking at the photo…yummmmmmmm 😍😍

  • Whiskey tasting at the distillery

My father in law and husband love their whiskey and as part of the festival we went to the distillery on Sunday to hear a little about the history of the whiskeys they produce and taste a few. Please note this was 12 noon so I just sipped alittle unlike the men, they had no problem knocking them back 😉 the staff there are so knowledgable and welcoming, it really was a great experience.

  • Introducing Little Miss Independant

Olivia decided at the weekend she wasn’t going to eat unless she could do it all by herself. I must admit we have been spoon feeding her until now but she also eats alot of finger foods so doesn’t mind getting stuck in. Away went the majority of plastic bowls and cutlery and out came the plates and forks. She wants to eat EVERYTHING herself, all the meals of the day so that’s just what we gotta do we just have to roll with it and all the mess but it’s definitely the best time to let her and for all 3 of us to eat together while off. She is managing great and enjoying it all more so fingers crossed it continues.

  • One day of FREEDOM

My parents are just back from 10 days in Portugal. I don’t know if they would have made it through without the invention that is FaceTime. Pictures of their little munchkin just won’t cut it they need a live stream ps their little munchkin is of course their darling granddaughter – it use to be me but things change *sniff sniff 😢😉 They couldnt wait to have Olivia for the day and we, as adoring parents, couldn’t wait to get her bag packed and get a bit of piece for a couple of hours! We love her but there is only so many times you can watch the same episode of maya the bee with Olivia just pointing at the tv saying “bee bee” on repeat. She is also a absolute Hoover she eats everything in sight! We had made sandwiches yesterday and I literally turned to get my cup of tea and she had swiped it off the plate! So today we  ventured out alone and bought a freezer, skirting board and a new Hoover we are so rock n roll I know. All that spending and home interior conversation has resulted in this…

Feet up Friday 😀

Hope you all have a lovely weekend x

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