The first blog is always the most tricky isnt it?! so ill set the scene..

My name is Jillian. I’m a first time mum to our daughter Olivia who is nearly 18 months (sob…where did the time go ) Based in Northern Ireland and ive been married for 5 years to my delicious husband, if you were to ask him, it definitely feels like a lot longer at times 🙂

I first became interested in blogging when I discovered I was pregnant. It was great to read about pregnancy from real parents especially those, like us, who were learning as they went along. Sharing tips and tricks was a godsend because as you well know you can read all the books in the world but nothing can prepare you for the first little cry you hear as your child arrives and your whole life changes. These changes were hard at first as ‘we’ turned into ‘three’ but once we got in the swing of things the pieces of the puzzle fell into place.

I must admit I do read other mummy/lifestyle blogs and think to myself really? is your life that perfect? how is your kitchen that clean 24/7? I hope to show both the good and bad so this is realistic. There is no point blogging just the good, in my eyes anyway, no household is perfect every day of every week and this blog will prove that no doubt..maybe ill edit out the mess via an instagram filter haha!

Maternity leave from work can go one way or the other. At first I was bored. Babies really don’t do that much the first 3 months so nap times turned into ‘ME’ time…when Olivia was asleep for an hour here and there I discovered lifestyle and home interior on pinterest and instagram…things were never the same after that. My poor husband was sick to death of me uttering the following 3 phrases

‘we can upcycle that’

‘dont throw that out i can make something with that’

and the most overused phrase of all ‘keep it ill paint it and we can find somewhere for it’

oops! not to mention the subscriptions to home magazines..thats a whole other blog!

When ‘we’ became ‘three’ we moved house 4 months later so all my research and pinning wasnt wasted when we purchased our family home which needed quite a bit of work done to it. Sure what else would I be doing on maternity leave?! spending money im not earning of course! 🙂

I’ve been back at work since January 2015 which has brought about a whole other dimension to family life. Running a house, singing and dancing with Olivia and trying to remember im a wife too means a lot of juggling but sure what woman cant do it all…watch this space and see..

Thanks for joining me and my family

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