Now Zanna is one her back molars are coming through and boy are they huge! There is currently two trying to pop through those wee gums one on each side and she has two rosy little red cheeks constantly. Red cheeks and two sore hands that she keeps sucking constantly to easy the pain.

As a parent you just feel so sorry for your little ones when teeth are coming through because it must be so sore for them not to mention very annoying. We have tried several teething options for Zanna which where great when it was her front ones cutting but now the big bold ones are appearing at the back I was struggling to find the right sort of teether to aid this. My friend then tagged me in a post on Facebook for a company called Gummee UK and I must admit I had never heard of them. After some research I contacted them directly and they very kindly gifted me with their Molar mallet for 12+ months.

The delivery was quick and the packaging and product is really innovative and different with a key feature being that if the teether is dropped the base is heavier and therefore it lands and wobbles protecting the actual part of the teether that goes in the mouth…perfect! It has definitely been a big hit in our household with this little one.

Gummee teethers are available to buy through the website and all stocklists are available here and in even better news they will be available in all Mothercare branches very shortly.


This post is written in partnership with Gummee but all views are entirely my own as is the cute one year old 🙂


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