With not having the ability to celebrate big events this year, the girls are constantly talking about Christmas but with Halloween parties happening this month we aim to embrace this season. Nursery school has sent home details of their autumnal walks searching for chestnuts and Olivia has been giving us a lesson on the lifecycle of tree leaves through the season so we have decided to embrace it all at home.

Over the summer we comprised a ‘junk box’ of plastic containers, bottles, boxes etc and we intend to use them to make some Halloween¬† and Autumn crafts. Pinterest is my savior. I have started to create some pin boards for both Autumn and for Halloween with ideas that are straightforward and easy to do. I’m starting with baby steps and nothing to complicated.

We are focusing on the colours brown, orange, red and yellow. This along with harvest has encouraged us to go hunting for conkers and collect leaves of different sizes and shapes in order to create some autumn pictures.

The colder days are also a great chance to get on our coats, hats, gloves, and our wellies and venture out crunching through the leaves. My favourite part is always coming home to a warm cosy house with the stove burning and emptying out our bucket to see what treasurers we have gathered. Autumn is definitely my favourite season. 

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