I am not really a big drinker in terms of alcohol especially now I can’t afford to have a hangover and a 19 month old, the combination just doesn’t work, gone are the days you could spend all day Sunday snoozing on the sofa watching stupid movies on Channel 5. Even when I was pregnant I didn’t really miss it, well maybe at Christmas time when I had to then be everyones designated taxi driver! I was more daydreaming about medium cooked steak and my mother in-laws delicious pate that makes an appearance at Christmas…even now my mouth is watering at the thought of it :):)

My job involves working for a sports brand which not only gives me massive credibility with my husband (and friends) but has created a genuine interest in sports particularly Rugby. I’ve really enjoyed watching the rugby world cup and along side this I found a fabulous sparkling rose in Tesco which compliments the Saturday/Sunday early evening matches for only £3.50! This has since gone on the shopping list as “Mummy Juice”.

Now I know there are millions of other bottles of rose or cava I could have but this one in particular had a low alcohol volume so it was lovely just to sip over and no hangover appeared for work on monday morning, absolute bliss. I love having a glass of wine with the fire lit and feeling all cosy but a few weeks ago this was all ruined when I discovered the brand First Cape had discontinued my Mummy Juice….shock…horror!! I checked the website and it said they still did supply Tesco yet the Tesco website said no. NO. NO.


Like any mummy who relies heavily on alcohol (just kidding) I got straight onto twitter to find out why they were doing this to me, taking away my way sunday love and if at all possible I could still locate it in any of their other stores and i was so surprised when they tweeted me back almost instantaneously especially as they had taken the banter so well…lets be honest it could have went either way being hilarious or calling social services. I think I got lucky this time 🙂


How nice of them to offer me a £5.00 Gift Card! It arrived in the post a few days later along with a letter saying how they were sorry about the wine levels not being up to standard and how they appreciated my dedication to their off license sales instore. If I ever felt like I maybe needed to start attending AA meetings this was probably the letter to push me over the edge but I did have a really good chuckle at it.

Last saturday my husband went to buy whiskey only to discover it was now reduced to clear. He thought BINGO I will tweet Tesco and see what they have to say; he didn’t get as lucky as me though they told him it would be back in stock soon…oh well!

Maybe they could run another promotion in conjunction with the baby event and have a Mummy event  with 25% off all wines, toiletries, make up and most importantly chocolate with a valid mum ID*

*Valid ID includes bags under eyes, vomit on clothing, messy hair, make up half on half off, baby hanging from hip…you get the picture…Thanks alot Tesco :):)


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