After getting cleared up at work and home to pack up on Thursday evening we were ready to rock n roll to the North Coast on Good Friday. We got up first thing, had some breakfast and on the road for 9am. After about 40 mins into the journey we heard a painful cry from the back seat and when I turned around poor Olivia went bright red and then threw up everywhere! She went white as a sheet then all the colour came back into her cheeks and she was laughing away…ermm..what?!

We quickly pulled over and it was a full on operation to get the clothes stripped off, the car seat cleaned, get fresh clothes on and then to disguise the smell of regurgitated weetabix in the car…you are welcome for that graphic content!  We were clearly off to a good start…

After arriving at Bushmills we had to get everything boke related into the washing machine car cover and all then we headed down to the beach in Portballintrae as the sun was out and we had to capitalize on this! This was also Olivias first time at the beach and she had a blast 🙂

Gosh Olivia can spell at 2 years old..good work!


She always finds an Adventure Stick


After the beach we had a nice walk overlooking the water. The North Coast of Northern Ireland is so dreamy when the weather is good and its so relaxing to watch the waves crash.


The grandparents are working hard at Easter


Even though I have been up to Bushmills several times since my parents purchased the house I had still never been to the garden centre just up the road called Creative Gardens. I have seen other people’s photos on Instagram but to visit it in person was so much better as the pictures just don’t do it justice. It is beautiful. Having said that once you enter the door you literally want to buy everything and have the most sensational garden ever, you would be broke but you garden would look well you can’t have it all 🙂






After 2 days at the coast and a fair amount of rain showers we headed home for more Easter antic with my in-laws and a beautiful sunday dinner.  All in all a relaxing few days…roll on the May bank holiday I can hardly wait 🙂



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