I recently read a post from Brummymummy on how dads rock especially when on holidays. Chris and I had such a laugh reading the blog as we could totally relate to everything that was said from our holiday adventures back in May.  Infact ive read it several times, just click the name to check it out its such a good read; as is the whole blog.

This post got me thinking about a conversation I had with Chris a few weeks ago when he started reading all the posts I have done thus far on here and then claims he is hardly mentioned. This makes me really annoyed because he is literally THEE best dad ever to Olivia and does so much with her so im going to dedicate a whole post solely to him…you are welcome Christopher 🙂

These are just some of the reasons why you have earned the title of Superdad..in no particular order..

Olivia was only minutes old and you were right there jumping into action so mummy could have a wee rest…love this pic at the hospital!


You came along to the Teddy Bears Picnic with all the girls and didn’t batter an eyelid at the baby chat


When off work on Tuesdays you attend all the toddler groups, take days off work to attend the Daddy days out and love every minute of it as does Olivia…granted her face doesn’t look that impressed in the top photo 🙂


It is important to note along with this that Chris participates in all the girly conversations at these groups including what we do with Olivia, general chit-chat about tv and celebrities and in one instance there was a visit from a lovely lady who ‘done his colours’; this involved him draping fabric around himself to see if he was an autumn/winter or a spring/summer person and what colours suited him best with his complexion! It was all part of the fun and he really takes one for the team at times im a very proud wife indeed!

You were the only Daddy in our group who took his child to waterbabies in a  pool full of mums and put the other daddies watching in the gallery to shame and you didn’t care one bit about being the only guy.


you are still her favourite in the pool especially on holidays…awww


You put her in the cool trolley at tescos which she loves even though it means we can’t get all the shopping in the tiny trolley attached!!! I always uses the boring one that makes you go backwards so you can’t see anything…booooo 🙂


On my first day back to work you send through a selfie to show you can put the right matching top and leggings on and have continued to make Olivia a fashionista every time you dress her, even others have commented on your colour clothing co-ordination.

The colour matching event at the toddler group wasnt wasted then haha!


To be perfect honest the list is endless and I truly do mean that. Without getting soppy I would be lost without the better half of the tag team even if it does mean having to listen to Scooter in the car because Olivia now loves old skool techno thanks to all that daddy quality time 🙁


Thanks for the being the best that you can be; not only as a daddy but as a husband as well xxx

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