Sunday just passed was spent at a lovely Country Bloggers Retreat organised by Emma at Lifeatthelittlewood. The retreat took place at the most gorgeous of locations in Larchfield Estate,Ā the surroundings were absolutely stunning and the event itself could have easily rivaled a wedding with 145 guests in attendance. Emma definitely took on a mammoth task and excelled at all areas of organisation (as if there would be any doubt!). The event was flawless…well apart from a slight flurry of rain whilst we had a walk of the grounds but we even managed to power on through and take a million photos of all the beautiful spots.

The event was targeted at anyone who has a blog either well established or just starting out or anyone who was even just thinking about it but didn’t know where to start or what to write about. There were wonderful guest speakers such as Mel Wiggins, Anna from Blossoming Birds, Rachel from the Brenton Bird, Kerry & Tara and from Sisters & Sons and Laura-Ann from All.Thats.Pretty. and two very special appearances were made by the ultimate insta husbands Colin, husband to Anna and Andrew, husband to Emma. They were able to share all the behind the scenes gossip on what it actually takes to get that perfect Insta-shot and the sacrifices they have to make all in the name of capturing that perfect moment of their partner. All this and a beautiful afternoon tea, utterly blissful šŸ™‚

The whole day got me thinking and feeling motivated to write someĀ  blog post out of my comfort zone about more than just my family and to take a risk on something new maybe interiors ideas , fashion choices etc. It also got me to think more creatively about the photos I take and the pictures I post on my instagram.Ā  I originally started my blog so that I could document family life in our home and different things we get up to but that has evolved slightly into more of my own thoughts about parenting and motherhood but there are other aspects in our home that I could be sharing and I hope to do this going forward. The same applies to my instagram however I am cautious as im not a massive fan of staged pictures but I can see the beauty now in setting up a picture to capture a moment especially when it comes to interiors or items/products so lovely that you want to share.

The best part of the day was without a doubt the opportunity to meeting everyone. All those faces behind the little squares and words of wisdom on the blogs I read finally led to me putting faces to names that I see daily on accounts. Talking to people as if I had known them for years and meeting new people and exchanging details, forging friendships and contacts all within the short space of three hours.

If you ever get the chance to visit Larchfield EstateĀ  take full advantage and look around the property. It is simply stunning. The country retreat was definitely a Sunday well spent…


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