Last week we spent a few days up the North Coast as we were celebrating my birthday.. it was my 10th anniversary of being least that’s what im telling people if they ask 🙂 We are so fortunate to have a family home in Bushmills which is being put to good use between ourselves and my parents – I never see them anymore and they refer to themselves as ‘local’ now, they have the life of it in retirement but I say good on them!The home was only purchased in April but as is expected in this wee country of ours I think ive seen the sunshine once or twice while staying up there but sunday was amazing! So good infact I had to take a million pics which i wont bore you with…just this one 🙂


Can you believe it?! This was taken when we went to visit the Giants Causeway. The last time I visited this natural beauty spot I must have been in primary school  I didn’t remember how wonderful it looked and now I cant wait to visit again. We walked along the train line from Bushmills across the golf course and into the causeway. The views were amazing.

When we arrived at the Causeway I seen the signs saying parking £9.00 per adult – I was shocked I couldn’t believe the prices! Then as you read on down the sign in the smallest of writing it says ‘Access to the stones is free‘ so basically you pay that admission to park and go into the visitor centre which can catch you out especially if you have a car of 4 adults that could be so pricey!! Thankfully we spotted that and headed on round for free; now please note I was thankful my husband pushed the pram as the hill has quite a gradient so good walking shoes were definitely required and I was puffed..(*note to self more exercise is required). However our biggest mistake was getting Olivia out of the pram and letting her run wild once we arrived at the stones. She wanted to move from one to the next to the next jumping as she went along thus making us totally exhausted trying to keep up with her, where do toddlers get their energy from?!

After all the jumping we headed back to the Causeway Train station and got the train (which was more like a tram) back into Bushmills which Olivia loved, especially as the conductor let the steam escape and the ‘Choo Choo’ noise was extremely loud resulting in one very excited little girl and loads of hand clapping. This is her favourite sound at the minute; we must say to her daily ‘Olivia what does the train do?’  then we get a roar of CHOO CHOO we love it bless her.



We rounded off the weekend eating in two wonderful restaurants. Tides in Portstewart and then 55 Degrees North in Portrush. Both eating establishments offered you a starter, main course and a dessert for just the price of the main course which was fantastic value. The lamb shank was my particular favourite in Tides and the better half devoured the tuck shop sundae which was vanilla ice cream with malteasers, haribo and sweet treats all mixed through it. YUM YUM


 All in all a successful birthday weekend..many more to follow fingers crossed




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